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Anybody here make cables?

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Just wondering if anybody makes their own cables: interconnect, headphone extension, power, etc. If so, any links you may have to companies for supplies would be great, so far all I have found is Rat Shack, and guessed it wasn't worth the time.

--admin, if this is a diy thread strike it and I'll repost.
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Try andhttp://diycable.comI have used the markertek and Canare branded cables before with very good results.The DIY cables were an absolute nightmare to assemble and I'm a professional electrician with all the needed tools.I have built my own interconnects,headphone extensions,speaker cable and I'm gonna try a Senn replacement cable as soon as I get another stock cable to chop up.You can do it and the satisfaction of knowing you did is always worth a little bit of extra sonic quality.
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I've built 'em all (if you search I have a thread somewhere here on them)... I've been primarily using Belden 89259 coax and Teflon insulated Cat5 for wire and works well. has a bunch of parts you'd find useful. is a good resource too.

Also check out
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