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Cardboard speakers...

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I HEAR VOICES: NXT in Cambridge, England, has introduced its first
product: $45 stereo speakers that are made out of cardboard, designed
for people who give parties and are afraid guests might ruin their more
expensive loudspeakers. But that's not the company's ultimate dream.
They hope to be able to produce speakers so cheaply that companies can
install them in their packaging. That way, manufacturers will be able
to play commercials from the packages to people walking down store
aisles. "Cornflake packets will come when we have the right material,"
a company spokesman said. (AFP) ...If you think radio commercials are
obnoxious, you ain't heard nothing yet.
Great... every aisle a cacophony of audio...
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Have you ever been in the music section of Best Buy? Rows of B**E cubes playing teenie-bop music. I would have to wear ear plugs to go in there again.
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That will drive me to do all of my shopping online, where it isn't so annoying and aggravating to walk down "virtual" aisles and be bombarded by commercialism...

...wait, maybe internet shopping isn't so great...pop-up hell? Shipping and handling? RETURNS? AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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