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vandys and tubes

for what it's worth, i have vandy 2cis, soon to get 2ce sigs. i have the quicksilver 60 monos and i have no trouble at all driving the vanys in my small room. in fact, the volume control is way down. and i have 30 or so tube traps in there to suck up bass etc. i also love the vandy sound. i almost went to audio physic, because of the detail, but i'm afraid i might not be able to live with the etched sound, in the long run. the vandys have a slightly more veiled and distant sound, which is ok with me cuz i sit further back at the concert hall anyway, and their tonal balance is soothing and accurate from a distance.
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
If not, I'll biamp using solid states for the subwoofers.
That is a very smart idea in my opinon.
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