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Originally Posted by NotoriousBIG_PJ
The Van den Hul The First ic's arn't in the same league as the empress cables. Perhaps I will compare the two in depth one of these days as the guys that modded my amp/cd player/oneac exclusively use the first.

Hi Biggie, I WOULD like to hear your impressions of the First compared to the Empress if you can. I own a pair of the first that I used years ago, and just never got rid of it. It has a velvet smooth midrange, but rolls off the top and bottom frequencies a bit. I've actually used it to great success on cheaper digital players that may have some harshness in the highs.

Tone control function by thw wire, yes, but the First did some very nice things in that piano and vocal range.....

I imagine the Empresses take those strnegths and add the frequency extension, perhaps more?

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I received all of my cables and they have been installed. I'll keep this short since they're still burning in. I agree with the comments that others have made. To me they sound very smooth and natural. Big improvement over the cheapo cables I was using. I also bought the Wolff demo power cable for my amp. It's hard to say what type of improvement it provided by itself because everything was installed at the same time. I'm not complaining about the sound though.

BTW - All of the cables are nice to look at and are reasonably well built(they're not that heavy and I'm a little wary of the leads on the speaker cables.).

One weird problem I've had though...I'm using one IC as my digital cable from my DVD player to my amp and occasionally there is a split second drop out when I'm watching movies. This does not happen when I use my Glass cable. I'm wondering if I received a defective cable or that it's not capable of transmitting a "Digital Signal". I'm not very technical with the differences between regular ICs and specialized "Digital Cables". Michael said that it would work. It does sound great most of the time except the occasional drop out...Any suggestions? I may have to sell or return this pair.

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If the Empress analog IC being used as digital cable is properly connected both ends what you describe sounds like brief loss of digital lock. I have used a couple silver analog ICs for digital before with no problem so they "can" work, but if I was in your situation I would just go back to glass toslink......or if you want really good cable designed for digital selling $100 or less try Stereovox HDXV.

Keep us posted as your other Empress cables break-in.
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I probably am going to end up with some Grover SRIIs once I've got the dough, but I am still wondering if any of you have follow up comments to post. *nudge nudge*

I know Gopher is busy with school, so he has an excuse for his absense
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*nudge nudge*
I'm probably not the one that you really want to nudge. BUT, if you are thinking about the SRII's, here is a post on Audiogon about the Empress line.
Audiogon Link

IN addition, I would like to invite everyone that is going to show in LasVegas this coming January to come hear the Empress along with Wolff Power Cords and the Ultimate Monitors. Dr. Schuemann is going to be selling two pairs at the show for 50% off. So they will only be $7,500. That ought to get some juices flowing. But seriously they are the best speaker tht I have ever heard.

Please do come see us if you get a chance.
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