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A bad cup of government coffee that I paid $.25 for.

Coffee from Costco. Water from the men's room....warm water from the tap. There's no break room here at this government building.

I think I am going to be sick....
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A Porter I brewed and bottled in 1996. Designated P#3, it is dark, rich, chocolatey, with nice coffee undertones. And strong. Unlike me, it's held up well to time. Back in '96, when my sweet Jenny was with me and Rosie was just a sparkle in her old pa's eye . . .
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Sipping Vernors and Scotch out of a brandy snifter. It was bad scotch (Grand Macnish) that I got as a gift and wanted to finish.

Tastes okay in the vernors though.

What do I wish I were drinking?
Either a Hoegaarden, a black&tan, or a nice rye and ginger.
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Caffiene free Diet Pepsi, of course
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A lovely pint of ice cold Scottish tap water.
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Does Wheatgrass juice count?
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Just got up about an hour ago and had a tall glass of water. Now I'm about to start on my first cup freshly ground and brewed 100% pure Kona coffee. Yum!
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Freshly ground French Roast coffee. Black, hot, and strong....delicious. I am addicted.
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Are you using a french press? At the most recent Toronto meet the host, tomek, made me some coffee using his french press [actually I think his girlfriend made it] and it was awesome. Packs quite a kick as well... I hadnt eaten anything and I was buzzing around the meet until the beer that yorgi brought started kicking in.

I'm drinking coffee as well, but it is rather boring stuff from a place called Pumpernickels. Cheap though.
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ice-cold Dr. Pepper
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Diet Cherry Coke (is-a veeeerrrry veeeerrrry rare drink)
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Harvey's on the rocks
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Man Orders Unibroue 11, Bodega Horrified

A few hours ago, I quaffed Ama no To Tokubetsu Junmai ("Heaven's Door") with a friend; currently, I'm trying to resist uncorking a bottle of St. Bernardus Abt 12 just before toddling to beddy-blädterrtzspaephgtl.

Recently, I located a spot in the LES that sells three 1 pt 9.4 oz bottles of Abt 12 for $24 ($8 apiece, which is rather a coup). I last snagged that package today at 9:45 a.m.

My cashier: "Hey, if you need 10% alcohol to get you through the workday, sobeit."
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hmmm, after reading Scrypt's Bernardus abt 12, i have an extension about the high % beer.

For some years now i'm not the trappist man I used to be. Now i'm only drinking pils, not the Rocheford 10, Kwak or other Tripel.

But every autumn there are special autumn beers. i thought, let's trying something else and have a special beer.

As Grolsch is my preferred pils, i've bought "het kanon" 11,6% alc. a special Grolsch beer (not an autumn beer). I've bought 2 bottles of them, both 45 cl. The first i had yesterday, now i have my second one.
After drinking these 2 bottles i noticed that this beer really beats my "getting drunk easy" favourite, Rocheford 10.
Or perhaps i'm not the Trappist die-hard anymore and i'm getting drunk easy these days.

As i'm again interested in the "getting drunk easy" favourite, perhaps there is one contender left for the "getting drunk easy" price: Bush Ambree 12%.

Are there people who have the privilege to drink the Bush Ambree??

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Drinking two kegs of Natural Ice. Probably the cheepest beer on earth, but still beer. I came home from basketball practice and there they were sitting in my apartment. Nice surprise
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