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Hey Nick. It seems odd that on the one head Drew would readily reply to all of my emails rapdily, but choose to ignore yours. And he already had both of our payments, too. Given the quickness in his response to all of my non-urgent emails with questions about installation, etc., and given his very friendly demeanor in those email replies, I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and suspect that he has some kinda PC problem that is nixing some of the emails that are being sent to him. I guess it just does not add up.

This of course does nothing to improve your situation. When was the last time you tried to contact him? I was in every-other-day contact with him the last two weeks, up until this past Saturday, Dec. 18th.

I would suggest sending him some more emails (given that he's on vaca, may further frustrate you, to):

I also have to believe there is some way to get the phone number for his shop, altho I cannot find it on his web-site nor in my paypal history.

Good luck. - walkman666
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Yes it does sound very odd. however it may be the fact that I required a 6.25mm jack socket on the front panel. He did indicate a small delay of a week from the fabricator last time we spoke just over a month ago but it may be that this is still a sticking point and he is waiting to get back to me with definate news. However 6 weeks delay is a bit long (originally it was due to be deleivered mid-nov) and he could have replied to say it was still ongoing. I have sent him a PM on head-fi - others have indicated that this is the best way to get a response. For all I know it may have been dispatched and is on its way or is lost in the post... I have no idea.

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I ordered a pimeta from him on 12-1-04. Last I got reply from him was on the 14th, when he said it would be ready to ship on the 17th. I still haven't got it, I sent him an email on the 24th which he still hasn't replied to yet. This is the second time I've ordered an amp from him, the first time everything was just great. So I'm guessing that hes on vacation and cant get email or maybe something else happened...?
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Well, I'm back...

First, my apologies to those who didn't get their amps when I said that they should. Christmas ended up being a nightmare and we just ran out of time. I (and a tech that I hired for a week) was building amps right up until it was time for me to leave to catch my plane to Mexico (where I didn't see anything resembling a computer for a week). Some of the completed amps did not get mailed - I've sent emails to everyone who was affected by that, I think.

ry_goody, your Pimeta will be done this week. Nick, yours is in the unmailed batch and will be going out either tomorrow or Thursday. Josh, I have your cable on my desk and it's going out tomorrow morning.

Everyone else, a PM here or an email to will get my super-immediate attention.

I guess now I know what to expect for next Christmas...and besides, I won't be heading out of town!

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shellbrook Audio

Like many of you I've been waiting for response from Drew. He has owed me a small refund and two jacks for some time now and I Know from all my prior emails with Drew that he is a great guy and something must have happened. Glad to learn it was just a backlog and vacation. I even checked the death notices in the Meridian ID area, fearing for the worst. Glad to know Drew is getting back on track. a
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It seems Drew is still having problems. I order a Maxi Moy Signiture 8 Nov, and after repeated delays he emailed telling me my amp was mailed 13 Dec. I waited 2 weeks but no amp. Then I started emailing Drew stating around 30 Dec (5 emails), but I have not received any responses. Is anyone having problems or received any products from Drew.
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Send him a PM from here. It worked for me.
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It didnt work for me - I Pmed him here a few days ago and didnt receive any reply. Despite his post here 2.5 weeks ago saying my amp was finished and due to be shipped.

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I placed an order with him a few weeks ago and haven't gotten a response to a single email yet, although he did accept the paypal money. Basically I'm ready to chalk it up to a loss and rip-off and file a complaint with paypal. If he is legit, he has the worst customer service I've ever experienced.
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Originally Posted by johntraveler
It seems Drew is still having problems. I order a Maxi Moy Signiture 8 Nov, and after repeated delays he emailed telling me my amp was mailed 13 Dec. I waited 2 weeks but no amp. Then I started emailing Drew stating around 30 Dec (5 emails), but I have not received any responses. Is anyone having problems or received any products from Drew.
John, as I said in the email that I sent you yesterday, your amplifier shipped earlier this week. The only email that I've seen from you was the last one that you sent (which also was yesterday).

I've explained (as have others) elsewhere what the problems were in December.

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I just wanted to post here and say that Drew has contacted me via PM and all is well now. Apparently my email address was being filtered out by his spam filters. I guess anyone else who is having trouble reaching him via email may be having the same issue.

However I have to disagree with those who say customers with complaints should stay quiet about them.
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Vendor issues should be taken up privately

I agree with Kirosia that folks need to chill, and be respectful. I also thought this thread was locked by a moderator. IIRC, the moderator said that it was inappropriate to create threads with vendor criticisms. Vendors complaints should be done 1-on-1. I agree with this.

Negative comments about a vendor are often taken out of context, not completely truthful (there are usually two sides to a story), and sometimes lacking extenuating circumstances. In addition, it's not like you're dealing with best buy here. A lof of the DIYers are one-two person shoppes that are commrades in arms.

I would, and did, give more a leeway and benefit of the doubt when I dealt with Drew, and he was courteous, prompt and helpful to me when he built my Pimeta. One needs to know that it takes only one negative public comment to almost ruin a vendor's name. I personally have a very high standard for playing that type of card (public criticism). One should take their matters up with the vendor privately, and not use this forum as a means of getting attention.

If the motive is to "warn others" of bad vendor tactics, I would suggest contacting the forum admin first and asking what approach is appropriate here. It's hard to be patient when money has been paid and promises have not been kept, but once harsh comments have been made, publicly, the damage, reputation-wise, has been done. Sometimes the negative criticisms are valid, but making negative individual experiences public on the internet is equally bad business. IMO, this is not a public dumping ground on bad vendor experiences. And if there are true scammers out there, then it's the forum admin's call to make it public (e.g. the free iPod thing).

My opinion, but I think it's better forum-decorum.

- walkman666
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Originally Posted by eyevancsu
p.s. Even i've been tempted to buy one of drew's amps myself; their looks are so darn nice.
That's on the outside. The inside is a work of it's own as well.

Highly suggest the Super Mini Moy. They are GREAT amps for the price!
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