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Drewd (Drew Dunn) (Shellbrook Audio)

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Drew at Shellbrook Audio built a custom Pimeta for me and I've been blown away by the quality of his work. He's never hard to reach by email and has always provided a quick and intelligent answer to my questions--even the dumb ones. The amp sounds great and I've just ordered a set of cables from him--can't wait to try them out!


It is now Dec 15 and I still have not recieved the cable I ordered from Drew and paid for in advance on October 28. When I placed the order, Drew told me that it would take about a week. Since then, I sent him an email about once a week for several weeks and he kept promising to ship the cable but has not done so.

Drew has not responded to my last two emails, including a request for a refund. I have filed a complaint with PayPal and will be taking the matter up with my credit card company.

I have been very forgiving of delays, but it does not seem that Drew is dealing with me in good faith. I am truly disappointed.
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Drew @ Shellbrook Audio Labs

Purchased an RCA-to-mni and mini-to-mini from Drew. After a couple of false starts, I received the cables. Excellent craftsmanship and material selection for the price. Sounds great in my modest system.

Drew posseses a lot of integrity. I would buy from him again.
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Drewd was one of the groupbuyers in the first Dynahi boards groupbuy. It was a smooth and problem free transaction, would do business with him again for sure.
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Drewd was big part of the Vampire RCA group buy, the quantity he bought was a big help in getting things moving rather quickly and he kept in close communication with me the whole way through and even offered to help ship a package or two if need be. I would highly recommend him and would go out of my way to do business with him in the future. Thanks Drew and enjoy the RCAs!
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Problems with Shellbrook Labs

Is anyone else having issues with "shellbrook labs" right now - I placed an order which should have been delivered well over a month ago but nothing has appeared and all of my emails have gone unanswered in the last month. I am beginning to get a little concerned.

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Have you been charged for this order?

Have a phone number to call them?
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Private Message "Drewd" and ask him what's up. (he is shellbrook labs)

He's probably backed up or something.
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*I have nothing to do with Shellbrook Labs, or Drew*

Drew just left on vacation I guess and will be back after Christmas. I placed an order wih him about a month and a half ago, but I told him to take his time. He said that he got way more orders than he expected and was big time back logged. I just got notice that it was shipped out on the 18th. He said that he was going to get everything out by then.

I am surprised that you never heard back from him. Sometimes, I emailed him asking about his progress and had to send another to ask if he got my last email. He always responded after my second email.

Good luck , and I hope you recieve your amp soon.
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I am in no way affiliated with Shellbrook Audio Lab. I work in a Bank in Human Resources.
The initial post in this thread does not add-up to me, based on my dealings with Drew and Shellbrook Audio Lab. I ordered a Super Maxi Moy from him two weeks ago, and he answered about 3 emails all within 30 minutes of me sending them when I place my initial inquiry with Drew. Then, two days later, I decided to switch the order to a Pimeta. I sent him an email with this request on a Friday nite around 10pm and he still responded within 30 minutes! -- totally agreeing to change the order without any issues.

Since I placed my order for the Pimeta, I've bugged Drew about 6x with inane tech questions in my quest to understand things like how to connect the amp, what the guts are inside the amp, the "fit" of the amp with my system, etc. He has answered every email within an hour. Amazing consistency here. And his demeanor is nice and pleasant, always.

Finally, Drew informed me two ways when he would be shipping the product: one via a post within a different thread on these very boards (indicating he was about to go on vacation and that his goal was to get the orders out by Saturday, Dec. 18), and two, via a personal email to me that he was set to ship the Pimeta I ordered on Saturuday Dec 18. I then received an email from USPS with a tracking number verifying he shipped an item via Priority mail to me on 12/18. I expect to receive it today or tomorrow.

Ultimately, the rubber will meet the road when I get the product and test it out, but up until now, service-wise, I can honestly say that I have encountered little if any levels of customer service from anyone in any retail industry/product area that has surpassed the levels of personal contact and support Drew has provided to me (and I do A LOT of shopping via the internet).

biovizier: I have to believe that there must've been either some mix-up with your email address, or that you did not seek to contact Drew up until now, but clearly something has slipped through the cracks. However, your case is in stark comparison to mine, and I'd like to believe the exception. Based on other consumer comments I have read on these boards (which were overwhelmingly positive, and mightily contributed to my choice in going with Shellbrook), I would bet your case, while as important and meaningful as any other customer's, is in fact an exception. None of what I write here can minimize your disappointment, but in a long-winded way, my experience with Drew has been quite positive.

- walkman666
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I've had problems with Shellbrook lately too. I ordered and paid for a cable on Oct. 28 and it hasn't shown up. Drew didn't respond to email for a few weeks so I disputed the charge with PayPal. That didn't work because the charge was more than 30 days old so I called my credit card company and had them do a "charge-back" for non-delivered goods.
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IIRC he said in a thread a while back that he had PC problems and that people should contact him if it has been a while.
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Originally Posted by jpr703
I've had problems with Shellbrook lately too. I ordered and paid for a cable on Oct. 28 and it hasn't shown up. Drew didn't respond to email for a few weeks so I disputed the charge with PayPal. That didn't work because the charge was more than 30 days old so I called my credit card company and had them do a "charge-back" for non-delivered goods.
I've been waiting for a few weeks now on a cable that he's been meaning to send out, but for one reason or another it hasn't arrived yet. He has had a rather large influx of business around the holidays though, so it's understandable that some orders for smaller items like cables might take a back seat to other larger orders-- I can't say for sure though.

Honestly, try PM'ing him, I have much better luck hearing back from him that way (usually within an hour or two). If for some reason he's backed up, don't worry, he's a good guy. He sent me an amp (super mini moy), it had some minor issues (mainly me being nitpicky) so he sent another one in the interim, which after arriving, I decided to upgrade to a Maxi Moy, so he sent that one too, before I even sent the other two amps back! If anything, his business is growing faster than he expected. Be patient til he gets back and has a chance to sift through emails/PM's, he'll take care of things.
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More info

I guess I ordered and paid something like ten weeks ago - I had emails maybe for the first half of that time but in the last 5 weeks or so all of my emails have gone unanaswered. Plenty of people here seem to be having problems - as do the people sending me PMs so this is clearly not an exception.

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It's a shame that Drew is on vaca and that he cannot answer this thread directly.

- walkman666
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Indeed... it would seem now that I am unlikely to receive anything until jan, by which time it will be more than 6 weeks late. Drew replied to my emails until mid nov-ish so I doubt there is an email communication problem, especially as I am not the only complainant. I don't mind if there is a backlog but I do like to be kept informed. Unless he has been on holiday for thw whole of the past month then there is no real excuse not to write a reply informing me of the delay - it would take less than a minute.

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