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Total Exhilaration!

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I just got home from a jazz band concert i had. First one ever for me - and i had a solo, too. Wow.....i feel good.......and relieved......and a whole slew of emotions that are hard to explain.....hehehe.

Anyway - how many people play instruments in a band or professionally or whatnot? Just curious.....
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Well, I play Clarinet in concert band. I love that instrument. You can do so much with it.

I also play all the saxophones and the trumpet. I only play the trumpet on rare occasion. I'm not a brass person. I love the Saxophone though when it comes to doing Jazz and Blues. Well, that is all from me.
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Here's what I can play: keyboards, piano, flute, recorder (descant and treble), violin, drums, guitar. And last - but by no means least - the Rolf Harris-endorsed Stylophone.
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I play a wee bit o'piano. And I'm a master at the Irish tin whistle, with a marathon-concert-potential, squeaky two-song repertoire: "Oh Danny Boy" and "Auld Lang Syne." You should see the guys at the office when I break out the tin whistles -- let's just say that they're, um, reluctant fans.

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Actually, in my younger days.....way younger days, I played the trumpet, fluegelhorn and trombone in a Top 40's nightclub band. We traveled around California playing in clubs. Some were nice....others were not so nice. I did this for about 7 years before I decided it was time to get a real job.

I had to do it though, to get it out of my system.
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sackley - i played clarinet for two years.....but it just didn't work. I just like the sax sound - especially tenor sax......very balanced, imo.

Wow - all of you guys have such cool lives! or "had", ***coughJMTcough*** lol

Maybe i'll be like that someday....
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coolvij - I think that both instruments are incredible depending on the type of music and I love the tenor Sax. It is too bad that they are making me play Baritone Sax this year for Jazz band.
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Oh yeah, this is the original way I became poor. Try buying, owning, and maintaining two clarinets and a trumpet.
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coolvij wrote:

Wow - all of you guys have such cool lives! or "had", ***coughJMTcough*** lol
Let me add to your amusement.

When I played in my college jazz band, we competed at various jazz festivals, one of them being the Reno Jazz Festival. We placed high enough that we were awarded a two hour clinic with Count Basie and His Big Band. Conte Condoli played solo trumpet, Ray Brown on bass, and of course the Count himself on the keys. I also had the privilege of doing a recording session with the Tower of Power horn section on a demo that our band was trying to put together in San Francisco.

Again, then I had to get a real job.
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(need i say more?)
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I play bass guitar - got a Wal custom 2 with Marshall 300 watt 2x15" rig... (even my Celestion 66s don't get that low!)
Used to play in a rock band, biggest crowd we played to was 2500, smallest was 2.
Now play in a 17 piece jazz/funk/groove band who specialise in gigs on roofs, or other odd places.
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