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maretek cable question

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I saw this on their site:

3.5mm Mini Male To 3.5mm Mini Male Audio Cable

I was under the impression they didn't make these... I believe this is what I am looking for, is there something I'm missing?
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Also what length would you guys recommend? I will be using it for a headphone amp.. I'm thinking 3ft. is good.

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I'm not sure I'm seeing the right product. All I'm seeing are XLR cables.

okay, here's the product you meant to link to I think:
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Nice cable! I just received the 1.5 ft cable version to connect the PCD to the JMT Altoids amp. The cable is substantial... solidly built with hefty connectors. If you want something portable, might make sense to get a shorter (and lighter) cable. If you want to use it while sitting in one place, you may need one of the longer ones.

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Its too bad I can't afford it.
A $14 dollar cable works out to:

over $50 canadian!!!! Holy crap whats the deal with that. ($15 shipping + $3 tacked on for no reason fee + horrible exchange rate...)

Does anyone know of some Canadian alternatives? ^^

Big Poppa.
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Actually I think that you're looking for this one, it's the stereo one.
But I guess that too much for you in Canada
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I complained about there shiiping fees but they haven't emailed me back. In the past I have been able to get online companies to lower their fees lol.

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I wish this cable had a right angle plug! I have a kimber mini-mini which sounds great, but it is bulky and the absence of a right angle plug makes it a pain in the butt when on the go. I often find myself using the Oehlbach cable that came with my Porta Corda. It sounds pretty good. It is about 6" long and very flexible. Who makes the best mini with one or even two right angle plugs????
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