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Singlepower's Response  

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It is unfortunate that we have become the victims of malicious letters to the editor of 6moons from people who merely intend to harm our company. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to address some of the issues raised by this vicious campaign.

First, on the topic of safety, the following general principles are adhered to for all of our products:

* The enclosure prevents physical contact with the parts and electrical components.

* All generally accepted principles of safety are followed.

* The chassis is grounded. If a ground fault occurs the electrical energy is drained to ground. The chassis itself is insulated as well with a non-conductive material.

* All plugs, switches, etc. are standards compliant.

* All parts conform to safety standards.

We meet all the standards that we’re required to meet. Our products are safe and will not cause any harm when used as intended. We are covered under the proper liability insurance, so this is taken into account since product safety is a primary concern of ours. Again, there are NO product safety issues.

Second, all of our models are built to our specifications. Parts are arranged in a consistent layout from one amp to the next within model categories. Each model that is configured the same way, will sound the same. The layout includes separation of power supply and audio circuits. All ground points are run back to star ground. All components are mounted in the same place and position within the chassis in a specific model type.

We maintain that we build our amplifiers to the highest standards to achieve the highest sonic qualities possible.

Third, the circuit itself is our design and may look like another type, but the fact is that many tube electronics circuits look similar. The circuit, implementation, layout, power supply and other aspects of our design are ours. These have been arrived at to provide the best sonic qualities possible through countless hours of testing.

The circuit itself runs in class A during normal operation. It can cross over into other classes when overdriven. But, the primary aspect here is that we are looking for what sounds best.

Fourth, as to rumors of legal threats, we have never made any threats to anyone. This is pure rumor.

Fifth, we will make available pictures of our products to those customers who are interesting in seeing them. There is nothing for us to hide, but this aspect is getting blown way out of proportion.

Sixth, our amplifiers are covered with a bullet-proof warranty and we cover all amplifiers that we build, or have ever built, with the same warranty. If anyone has any issues with their Singlepower amplifier, we will service these without charge. The warranty is transferable from owner to owner.

Finally, as to patent issues, our patent attorneys are in the process of handling our patent claims. This is all we can report at this time.

I believe this campaign against Singlepower is a result of our rapid success and growth. Why has our business grown? Because when a customer gets one of our products they are satisfied with their purchase. There is an art to building great sounding tube amplifiers, it is a process that is difficult and requires much testing and hard work. We are satisfied with our design formula and feel this is the reason we achieve our end result, goal – sonic excellence. The outstanding reviews of our products prove the success of our efforts.

If you have any other questions for me, I ask that you give me a call so we can speak directly.

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Mikhail, Thank you for finally putting these rumors to rest. This has been a very unfortunate turn of events and even though I personally don't think it was necessary for you to address some of this silliness I'm glad you have made the effort to clear everything up.

Now people can we please get back to what really matters? The music.
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Thanks, Mikhail. IMHO, your generous warranty and willingness to stand by what you build speaks volumes, separate and apart from the sound quality of your products.
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Mikhail - The SDS amplifier that I just received from you provides the finest and most refined sound that I've ever heard from any headphone amplifier that I've sampled. All its features work perfectly, just as you promise, and as I expected. You have more than fulfilled my confidence in your product and your company. Thank you for this excellent amplifier, and for your immediate responsiveness whenever I call.
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Just as I expected. A classy response from a class act

Congrats Mikhail on all of your success and I wish you much more. Hopefully all of this nonsense can be put to bed once and for all now!
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Mikhail, thanks for the great service (answering calls promptly without delay whenever I do so and e-mails replied in a timely manner) even when you are dealing with something like this.

I personally cannot wait to receive my amplifier.
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Originally Posted by ayt999
Mikhail, thanks for the great service (answering calls promptly without delay whenever I do so and e-mails replied in a timely manner) even when you are dealing with something like this.

I personally cannot wait to receive my amplifier.
I totally agree.Can't wait for my amp either.
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Thanks for taking the time to address many of the concerns that we've been reading here.

I am very happy with my MPX3 and could care less about what's inside of it (for all I care there are a group of miniature monkeys in there fiddling with a bunch of dials). The only thing that matters, to me, is the output. Perhaps if some of the other amp makers spent a little more time worrying about that (and not what's inside) they'd get as enthusiastic a response from the head-fi community as your amps have.
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Just what the doctor prescribed

Thanks Mikhail!
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I've got two more amps coming, and think thats about enough time for Mikhail to be spending on head-fi. My Baby-O's are screaming for the new amp.....Back to work.
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Why don't you wrote this letter a week ago when the first rumor came out, you could stop all this madness, with just one post like this. The lack of communication just served to those who wants you and your company out, I hope that all members who wants to investigate now, they could do it by PMing you and calling you by phone directly, I hope also you could provide them all the info they were looking for to stop this BS, if they finally call you....

Thanks God that all was just a malicious rumor, from some "selected" people, with God knows what intentions...
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“All generally accepted principles of safety are followed.”

Which ones?

The amp in no way comes close to UL safety requirements.

While it might not be feasible to test to UL requirements it is desirable to build to UL requirements at least where possible. Sure the exposed tubes will never pass UL but the internal build should be as close to standards as possible.

Things like minimum spacing of high voltage components, spacing of line current leads etc.

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This incident has really reduced my faith in the people of Head-Fi. This is the lowest, most disgusting thing I have witnessed in my time here and now that I have seen Mikhail's response I am saddened even more. How can a rational, decent explanation stand up to claims that a Singlepower amp will burn down your house and kill your family? After all of the fear, ignorance, and stupidity that has been spread around on this topic, Mikhail's response seems entirely predictable. But what is he supposed to do? From now until forever Singlepower will have a reputation for excellent sound, and a "bad" build quality, based on the non expert opinions of every jerk in sight. The point is folks that Mikhail builds bar none the best sounding tube amps you'll find. Stop being jealous and fearful of his success and let the community enjoy what we have.

To whoever wrote those letters to 6moons based on the speculative comments contained in the now closed thread: EDIT: Shame on you (inflamatory remark voluntarily removed)
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Here’s my final take on the Singlepower fiasco:

Speaking as a professional strategic marketing consultant, almost everything that has been said, thought, or happened in these locked and yet-to-be locked threads could have been predicted, and is entirely understandable. Customers are human beings. Key is for companies to commit themselves to managing consumer perceptions of their products.

Singlepower partially made a choice in how its products would be perceived when it chose to wire its amps the way it did. I don’t believe this issue has been put to rest for those who care about such things—it’s really messy in there and things are floating that probably ought to be attached. Why? Again, perhaps not so much for what we hear, but to manage our perceptions that we as consumers are receiving a safe and consistent product, and one that we can move around (and possibly ship to someone else) without concerns of things rattling apart or components coming into contact with the chassis where they shouldn’t.

Singlepower held the power to affect a change in our beliefs and attitudes as customers and potential customers and to respond to the speculation and the criticism and restore faith in its products. Yet for days Singlepower's existing and future customer base received nothing but static while the unpaid (??) moderators of this forum had to work overtime trying to walk the fine line managing their reputation, and future, for them. When it is your product, your reputation, and your future, you manage it. If days of silence *is* your way of managing it, then be prepared for whatever eventually shakes out of the chaos.

So far as my personal planned Singlepower purchase goes, I’m not convinced dangling components and ghetto P2P wiring truly is the best way (though it is speedy and is probably what permits Singlepower to sell amps spec’d like they are for the prices they do), so, for now, I have decided to take my dollars elsewhere.

In marketing, perception *is* reality.

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The circuit itself runs in class A during normal operation. It can cross over into other classes when overdriven. But, the primary aspect here is that we are looking for what sounds best.
Pure Class A never varies.It either is or is not Class A.

Quasi Class-A means you run in class A up to a point then the bias slides into A/B for dynamic peaks.Class B is not something ANY amp should ever be
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