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I listen to the Radio pretty often, but not as much as CDs. There are a lot of radio stations near boston, and my receiver has pretty good sensativity so I get a lot of stations from New Hampshire and Conneticut, especially at night. I think I can get way more with a better antenna.
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Nope. The stations in St. Louis suck, unless you happen to pick up one of the college stations.
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Portland has a nice range of FM stations and I listen to them regularly. The Jazz station is jazz all the time 24 hours a day, except for a very good friday afternoon Blues show that I love. Really, all in all, Portland has a very active music scene going on, wilh alot of live music and concerts year round.
Some times I dig out my old shortwave and give the dial a spin too. Thats always good for an evening of entertainment.
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Hey bugdie, you ever listen to KBOO? It has some good stuff on it from time to time, including some very good jazz every now and then.
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Is that jazz station 106.7? I pretty much hate all the radio stations in Portland, although I used to listen to KBOO(90.7?) for the hiphop nights once in a while and K103(103.3) is on at work all the time....erg.
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Despite that alot of the stations probably sound like crap (all I got are sr-60s anyway), I really like the feeling radio gives me, like its keeping me company or some ****. Someday I'll grab a Sangean portable off of headroom and probably end up using that more then my portable cd player.
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My company car only has an AM/FM radio and no player.
I only listen to Stern in the morning and the local sports talk radio during the day. Now while in the family car, if I can't help it (a game isn't on) then I'm forced to listen to whatever they ( the rest of the family) choose.
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I do listen to KBOO too.
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Adding poll to thread

I hope that this works... and I also hope that its not too late...

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Duncan!! How the hell did you do that?!

oh, I get it: you started a second thread with a poll and then merged them. You're a bloody genius, man!
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Good call, Dunc. Heheh. Hadn't thought of that.
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Just doing my bit
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With regards to Radio...

On a portable (in my case Sony SRF-M48RDS) even using Grados with there or so thick cord (aerial)... I can't seem to get a crystal clear sound on anything but the absoloute closest stations.. Any ideas on how to improve the reception?
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Hear in Eugene our local Non com radio station(KLCC) has a Electronic Music Program that is on late mon. and Tue. Nights i fall asleep to it at times. The only thing that Bothers me is after the Electronic Music Program is over Jazz is playing and i get Nightmares from it. Must get a timer. Otherwise No the Classic Rock stations play the Same stuff at the same time Every day, I see why thay call it a PROGRAM.
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