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Do you listen to the radio?

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Just wanted to know if anyone listens to the radio.

The radio sucks in my area (Sac, CA) and I only never listen to it, except for Howard Stern or when driving in my POS car that doesn't have a cdp.

Edit: ****, meant to make this a poll.

Moderator: please make this a poll with the following options

-Non music stuff
-Only when there's nothing else to listen to
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Sure, but only in the car. Not much variety here, mostly pop and rock stations.
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radio waves... radio waves!
radio waves... radio waves!
radio waves... He hears radio waves!

Sorry, but I just got Roger Water's "Radio KAOS" and I thought I'd share

Personally, I do listen to the radio but only in the car and only when there's something good on. I'm constantly annoyed by the poor reception and lousy sound quality of my car's system so it's never a really deep musical experience, but I'll listen nonetheless.

And I'm sorry funk, but I can't seem to add a poll. I can do just about anything but that. darn...
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but I can't seem to add a poll. I can do just about anything but that.
funke, I have been trying for the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how to add a poll. I have failed. Go ahead and repost the thread with the poll, then I'll delete the old thread.

A fellow Sacramentan.
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Radio stations here in Detroit suck hard. They've all copied each other, and if they're not looping through the same horrible play lists, they play "retro" rock.. and one can only take so much of hearing the top 10 "retro" rock songs, mixed in with the top 10 "current" pop songs.

I listen to the radio. 91.7 FM (WUOM), public radio out of University of Michigan. I'm an NPR guy when it comes to the radio. Other than my favorite NPR/PRI programs (Fresh Air, The World, BBC World Service, All Things Considered, Diane Rehm Show, and my local favorite Todd Mundt Show) -- I'm all about my headphone rig with my portable CD player for musical enjoyment.

Singing: NPR killed the radio star...
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I only listen when I'm driving. It doesn't help that we only have *one* good radio station, all the others only play the latest chart busting crap.
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I drive a LOT and the radio is always on

I bounce between I-95 and WPLR,both classic rock stations and WDRC an "oldies" station (best of the '50s/'60s/70s)

And at work the radio is also on non stop
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I only listen to the radio in my car with presets tuned to several rock and alternative stations. I can't stand commercials or DJ's talking on the radio so as soon as I hear talking I hit the presets.

I wind up hearing a lot of partial tunes this way but it's better than listening to chatter.
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Radio Stations in Philly are very diversified. Although my Sony STJ-88B can pull in 46 listenable FM stations, I pretty much only listen to Temple University station as it has very high sonic fidelity and its classic (6am-6pm)/jazz(6pm-6am) content. Sometimes NPR also.

Other stations, although I like content, are so heavily compressed or using such cheapie broadcast equipments that it's hardly worthwhile for my tuner to tune in on them.

When I drive alone, I never listen to the radio as I prefer to hear the engine noise and enjoy driving.
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templeboy: Now I understand your screen name. I always thought you were extremely religious.

Every time hear of Temple U. I think of Bill Cosby. " I looked up and there was a hole.....I'd never seen a hole before....."
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I hate all of the local stations in central PA. There is jacksquat besides hard rock, pop, and country. So, when I got my truck and it only had an AM/FM analogue stereo (Give you an idea of the age of the vehicle), I realized what was going to be first to go. Now, I listen to only CD's in the car.
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Rarely - NPR kicks arse, and Chicago has QUITE a few radio stations....but still - nothing beats a good old CD...
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Just for the news coming and going to work during the week and on the weekends to NPR/PRI for "Thistle and Shamrock" , some of the other folk stuff, and "Weekend Radio" if I can drag myself outta bed early enough on Saturday morning (6am !?!)
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I just want to ask if anyone know how I can listen to Howard Stern's radio shown from the net? I am in the UK so I can't listen through a normal radio, but what website is it broadcast on?

And what time of day ans which day in the week is his shows on?
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