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cmoy power supply

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I asked this question at Headwise but could use more input.

Here is a description for the Creek OBH-2 power supply. I'd like to combine it with a cmoy.

The OBH-2 is a 24 Volt 12 Watt regulated power supply, that can sit on the floor or a desk top. It contains a bigger transformer and uses a fully short circuit and over temperature protected voltage regulator. The ripple current has been completely eliminated from this supply, so it is very suitable for use with OBH components that amplify, like the phono or headphone amplifiers.

Any thoughts on the feasibility and sonic virtues of this combination? Can it be wired in with no or very little modifications?
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hey pigmode, do you actually have an OBH-2 power supply? I'm wondering about the price of the things because I have a Creek OBH-11 and am still thinking about upgrading the power supply, but don't want to spend too much.
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No I don't, but if you want one better not hesitate too long. The new Creek site no longer lists the OBH-2. I think it went for 125 or so.
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I've seen it online for as low as 59USD. Its prob'ly 70ish on average.
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The OBH-2 power supply uses a standard 5.5/2.1mm coaxial DC power plug, so using it to power a CMoy type amp would be no problem.
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Has anyone here ever added a power supply to a Grado RA-1?
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You'd probably have to either attach the new power supply through the 9V battery thingies, or sacrifice them. I've heard that the Grado Amp is very hard to get into without destroying the precious wooden box, and the circuit board is potted.
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