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Bought a recabled HD25-1 from Jan -- he performed the recabling and swapped in the velour pads himself. His email responses were very prompt all the way through the transaction and I couldn't be happier with these headphones!
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Bought a Corda Opera from Jan (and another amp previously) and he is as professional and friendly as anyone can possibly be. I feel very safe giving him my money which is not necessarily a good thing. Everyone knows Jan is a great person to buy from but just wanted to add my kudos. Thanks!
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Hey, I didn't even know this existed.

I bought a Porta Corda from Jan and he already sent it to me before the money was on his bank account. Very friendly communication. Recommended vendor.
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Jans clear and prompt communications and genuine friendliness by email are professionally only exceeded by his product design offerings here. Both times with two amps now, his service was outstanding. Thanks for, just being you Jan
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I'm embarrassed; never thought to see if Jan had a feedback thread here.

I've purchased a Porta Corda mkiii, Corda Opera USB, and Corda Move directly from the good doctor and he's been a pleasure to converse with by email. Sure, shipping takes a bit from Germany to my town but I'd rather have Jan get the profits from his work; he deserves it. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet him face to face to personally thank him.

Products sound great, are built solidly and have style unlike most rack mounted components. Not that I want to reduce myself to fanboy status, but I'd buy his products without a second thought--they are that good.
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Just paid for my Corda Opera and I can only say what a great guy he is!

Super-fast replies to emails with answers to all questions asked. Everything was just super-smooth.

Looking forward alot to doing business with him again.

Thanks Jan!
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Bought a Porta Corda mkIII and Beyer DT880 from Jan Meier. The communication was quick, the parcel arrived in time and the goods was very well packed.

I will do business with him again, no doubt. Highly recommended.
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Bought a Coda Move. Super fast shipping, and AWESOME packaging. Not to mention fast eMails. Awesome amp.
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Not like this guy needs any more endorsements than he's already received, but he's sure deserving of it!

I just received my Move in the mail today, super fast shipping, perfect shape, and great sound! Thank you Jan!
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I ordered a Corda Move last week and Jan was more than helpful. He really went out of his way to help me. And the service was fast - e-mail questions was answered in no time. He received my payment Friday evening and today (Tuesday) it was in my mailbox when I got home from work. Germany -> Sweden in two working days - fantastic. [I haven't listened to it yet though ]
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A+ Sevice from Jan

Bought a Move amp from Meier. The delivery was super fast from Germany to U.S. I corresponded alot with Jan.. he was quick to answer my questions. I really appreciated his knowledge. Would buy from again for sure. Thanks Jan...
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Highly Recommended!

Purchased two porta corda III kits from Jan. Prompt communication and speedy shipping ensure that I will do business with again.
Thanks Jan.
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Bought a corda2move, very fast delivery to spain, great comunication, thanks Jan.
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