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Like many in this thread I have experienced great service from Jan. I have bought several items from Jan (HA-2, Porta Corda II, Analoguer)...some have arrived , and the rest are about to. I have found Jan to be helpful and flexible, and customer-focused - with good email response.

Even though the mechanics of getting the items might appear a little more awkward than dealing with a typical US supplier, and it may take a few more days to arrive, my personal experience has meant that I would not think twice the next time it comes to order equipment that Jan stocks. In fact, I would choose dealing with Jan over many closer suppliers!

Thanks Jan....
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The Good news is.

Mr Meier quited his job and is only working for himself now.
So he has more time now to keep his service at a high level and is devoted to Corda.

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I must also add my compliments to Meier Audio.

Impecable Service.
Detailed answers and advise to dozens of my questions.
Receiving things for me from the States to evaluate them for me.
Excellent prices and discounts to multiple order customers.
No shipping charges and No VAT charges when you are in EC
but happen to have a valid US address from a helping relative
or friend.

And for those of you that upgraditis will eventually lead you to
electrostatic heaphones Stax Prices that rival the Japaneese
Grey Marketiers along with official Warranty and World Class
Service from Jan Meier.
European Head-fiers can now get lower prices on Staxes.

The Only thing I have not been able to convince him to do for me
-at least for now- is to build me Kevin Gilmore's answer to Stax's
Lendery T2 10,000$ electrostatic headphone amplifier the one
named "Blue Hawaii".

Keep it up Jan.

Kelly Great idea to think of starting a thread for Jan.
The man totally deserves all praises given here by fellow HeadFiers.
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Just wanted to say I recieved great service from Jan Meier. I recently bought a pair of Beyer Dt831s and they got here relativly fast and sound great. And the price was also nice.
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Bought HFI-650 DVD edition from Dr. Jan Meier. Fast and good service, if somebody els buys HFI-650's from meier, get DT-880 velours with em. you will regrett like me if you dont.
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Heh, the Ultrasones are popular with the Finnish Headfiers - I'm currently emailing Jan about the pros and cons of the 650 Trackmaster and DVD with my setup. I'll be ordering one or the other shortly.

This will be my second transaction with Jan (the first was the 990s and PCII), and I have found him extremely helpful both times - I don't think it would be humanly possible to answer emails quicker than he does.

And of course if you want to know about the high quality of his amps, just do a search.

Jan is trustworthy, knowledgable, quick, and friendly - oh, and his amps aren't bad either. A big thumbs up for Jan Meier.

edit - as for beyer pads for the Ultrasones, I'm not worried about it. I apparently have the smallest head and ears of the entire Headfi community.

2nd edit - I decided on the Trackmasters and received them today. Those who don't buy from Jan are missing out.
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Greenhorn strikes again ;-)

Thanks a lot, Jan, for this third transaction - as smooth and perfect as the two previous ones :-)))

Looking forward to a fourth one (Sennheiser HD-650, probably ;-))
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Just got a Sennheiser part from Jan, and the transaction was smooth and easy. Jan's a tremendous asset to the headphone community. Thanks Jan!!!
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great guy

I purchased my Beyer DT 880's from Jan. Correspondence is top notch.
He also mailed me,at his expense,a new potentiometer for the porta corda II. He offered to install it at no charge also.
A great company to do business with.
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not sure if there is a real need to post once again a positive feedback for Jan Meier, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

I bought from him a set of 4 pcl805 tubes and a pair of rca splitters. Even if it was an extremely small transaction (35€ for everything shipped in 2/3 days !), he gave me quite a few of his time answering my mails in a really informative and helpful way. Most of them being about diy things he will never get a cent out.

Thanks a lot Jan.
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Prehead/Meier Audio

Just a quick post concerning Meier audio,last week when i was considering which new amp to buy i sent several emails to Jan with an assortment of questions and on each occassion he replied very quickly answered any questions i had and with a very polite and patient attitude,i ordered the prehead which i have now been using for a couple of day"s and in conjuction with the service i received can only heap praise in Jan"s direction,and i think the amp is superb so far in conjunction with my cd3000"s and bearing in mind the amp is still burning in it"s even better than i expected,i was a little worried that with the sony"s the top end might be a tad bright but that just is"nt the case,i think with this amp that pretty much any headphones would sound great to be honest.
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I don't own a Prehead, but I'd like to second your appreciation for Dr. Meier's wonderful service. My first plunge into the world of audiophile headphones several months back led to my purchasing an HA-1MkII and DT880s from Meier Audio at an excellent price. Dr. Meier was also very kind and patient with me...especially in regards to a really lame question I asked him about whether or not my crossfeed was working! Thanks again, Jan!
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Thrilled with my Prehead

Jan Meier and his company are great to deal with.

I purchased a Prehead amp and an Oehlbach cable from Jan, and was treated to fast, personalized service, and absolutely first rate products.

I look forward to buying again from Meier Audio as soon as they come up with a replacement cable for the Senn hd600.
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I recently ordered a Prehead from Jan and he was very helpful with advice on selecting the opamp version that would suit my equipement best. He also informed me that RKV is a better amp for the AKG K1000 although Prehead is able to drive it without problems.
Ordering process and delivery run smoothely. I feel confidence in buying from Meier Audio.
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I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990s from Meier-Audio, and, after a year of thorough use, I noticed a buzzing sound when listening to low frequencies. I asked Jan for a copy of my bill so I could get Beyerdynamic to repair my headphones while they were still under warranty, and he mailed me a copy immediately. Also, in addition to replacing my DT 990s' drivers, the folks at Beyerdynamic also replaced the earpads free of charge. Thank you, Jan and Beyerdynamic!
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