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Thank you, Jan!

I am now the happy owner of a Corda HA-1 and all I can say is that I can't imagine a more nice, efficient, good to communicate with, reliable, fast shipping etc. etc. dealer. Thanks, Jan, both for the great amp and for the transaction in general!
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Me again. Now because I just received from Dr. Meier the fantastic Beyers DT-770 Pro. I would highly recommend buying from Dr. Meier anytime - I will certainly do it again!!! He's an extremely nice person to deal with. It's actually like dealing with an old friend. THANK YOU!!!
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I've received yet another order from Meier Audio quickly and safely.

Reading some of the complaints with other people in the forum, I can't help but be reminded that Meier Audio actually has three jobs.

Meier designs and manufacture components. I think the products speak for themselves when it comes to this part.

Meier distributes components. This is an underappreciated aspect of the direct market. Before Meier, everyone complained about the few distributors of the RKV. Still today many of us have issues with the distributors of the ASL and Sugden lines. With Meier, this is simply never an issue.

Meier retails and supports components. Whether it's one designed and manufactured by Meier or simply stocked, the level of quality of service and customer support is flawless.

My only regret about Meier is that as the business grows, it may eventually outpace the ability to manage all three of these components in house and keeping the level of customer satisfaction the company currently enjoys will be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, you cannot help but wish success to a business that has set such high standards.
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Acidtripwow: My Audio Valve RKV tube amp was had from Dr. Meier at a very good price and has been a delight these last few months. Dittos on all Meier raves as to product, service, and price!
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I was one of the 'early adopters' of the RKV deal that Meier Audio recently offered. This was a fairly complicated deal, it was long distance, the amp was not yet manufactured when purchased, and there were some design issues that have been documented on the amp forums.

I've probably dealt with hundreds if not thousands of retailers at this point in my life and I'll tell you this....Dr. Meier is in the top 1%. His prices are fair, and at every turn he proves over and over that he cares about his customers.

So to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry.....Jan You Rock!

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Words can not accurately how much I respect and admire the service and care that Jan provides!! In two transactions with him he has done everything possible to ensure that my orders made it to me in time to leave the country. He has probably forgotten more about customer care and service than most other high-end dealers will ever remember!!!!

Thanks Jan for some really smooth transaction and all your help getting me the equipment I ordered!!!! You're the best!!!
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i bought a Beyer DT931 from Jam about a month ago.He was fast and friendly.Great prices
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I bought a pair of beyerdyamic 931's from Dr. meier a few months ago. They were delivered fairly fast (Well, it WAS shipped halfway across the world, after all), and he threw in a 120 ohm adaptor. I thought (turns out my problems are with my tubes instead) That i had burned out a driver, and i lost my invoice, which jan faxed to me quickly.

Jan is undoubtly the best dealer i have ever bought from.
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made my first purchase, everything went smoothly
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I bought an amp from Jan. Great product.

Even better is the service. Though Jan is overseas, he replied every single email I sent within the same day and gave me very satisfying answers. I'm especially happy after several frustrating experiences with several american distributor/dealers.

Thank you very much, Jan.
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It is probably a waste of time to post this, because everyone knows that it is safe to order from Meier Audio.
My first purchase from Jan was the Beyer DT-770 pros which got here just fine. My second purchase was the AudioValve RKV which was packed very well, and also got here just fine. He even remembered to send the spare set of tubes with the amp just like I asked. I will certainly do business with Meier Audio again.
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I just completed my third transaction with Jan and Meier Audio. As always, he responds quickly to questions and provides not only great products (can't wait to get the HA-2!) but great service. Thanks again, Jan.
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First time transaction with Jan & Meier Audio and it couldn't have gone smoother. International made easy. Very responsive & professional. They'll be seeing me again. Hey, these 880s ain't bad !
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One more transaction with Jan (my fourth). As always, easy transaction and super-fast response. Jan is a great guy, and Meier Audio is a great vendor. As always, I recommend they highly.
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Herr Doktor Meier is great!

Great product with the HA-!.

Good deal at the normal price; then he runs specials ocassionally. Who can resist?

And he responds to emails quickly and thoroughly.

We need more Jan's in the world.
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