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VENDOR: Jan Meier

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Not sure why no one ever started a thread for Jan Meier. He is a valued member of HeadFi and one of the nicest people you'll talk to.

Some people have expressed concern over ordering from a business in Germany. The only negative is that he doesn't currently accept credit cards so you have to contact his partner, Odeen, who does have positive feedback here, and send a money order for the amount or send a Paypal transaction for a small fee.

The positives list is a bit longer. First, he stocks the best of headphones from Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, AKG and Philips and prices them all very well. Second, his own products, including the Corda HA-1, PortCorda and Corda Analoguer are reknowned as being the excellent values they are. Third, all of the prices on the page are listed in US dollars and include shipping--the price gets even better when you contact Meier with orders for more than one item, as he combines the shipping and passes the savings on to you. Fourth, as mentioned above, Jan Meier is a really nice guy to deal with and really knows what he's talking about it. Fifth, and one thing people have posted concerns about--ordering from Germany shouldn't be a concern as the prices include any fees and Meier packages everything very securely.

My feedback is for the purchase I made of the Corda HA-1 and Beyerdynamic DT831. They both arrived well packaged and in exactly seven days which seems to be the average.

Highly recommended.
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Yes Jan Meier is good to deal with. I recently ordered a pair of Philips HP890's from the good Dr. (sorry I called you Mr. before )and they came safe and sound. Communicatin with Jan is good and his prices are the best I've seen. I'll definetly order from him again.
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from Mr. Meier
Actually, I do believe it's Dr. Meier.
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I've purchased a few headphones for Meier Audio and had no problems. He's a great guy to do business with. Now if he could only build a tube amp that would be great.
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I'm sure that the reason there are so few posts here for Jan is because everyone here already knows how excellent he is, but in case you don't I'll say that I bought a pair of Senn HD 600 last year and have been nothing but happy with everything. I intend to buy from Jan again soon.
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Got a Corda Head Amp and DT931s from Jan and am very pleased with the transaction and the products. My order took 3 weeks from when he sent them, but I dont think he has any control of how long shipping takes. Just the vagaries of international shipping. Would most definitely do business again with Jan.

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Great service for the Porta Corda!

I guess everyone here knows how I fried my old PC

Well, I voided my warranty on the thing, but Jan offered to sell me a new PC for $100! (and a new Corda for $265!)

I took up his offer for a Porta Corda. He even modded it for me, soldering resistors between the power rails and op-amp inputs to bias them into Class A and adding a pcdp-type power socket into the chassis of the amp for no additional cost!

*Very* highly recommended.
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I asked Jan for a special order item NOT for sale on his web site. Not only did he accommodate me, but also at a very fair price. He took time out from his very busy schedule to handle my little request. Fair, honest and great customer service, you can’t ask for much more.

Thanks Jan!
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I highly recommend Jan Meier. He is responsive, helpful, prompt, efficent, and enjoyable to exchange emails with. I've never received a shipment from anyone as well-packaged as how my Corda, Analoguer and headphones arrived. His prices are well worth the extra wait in shpping time. Mine only takes about 1.5 weeks to get to Oregon. And don't be afraid to ask for a package deal price.
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I don't know much of his bussines but I know one thing.

He is a very nice brother.

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Nice online audio dealer

Bought a pair of HD600s from Jan. Payment via paypal. Very smooth transaction and goods arrived safely. A very good online purchasing experience for me. Well recommended for all head-fiers. Very informative web sites too. Jan is a good dealer who you can trust.
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Wow! I ordered from, and what an excellent transaction! Very smooth, and quick. His selection of headphones is excellent, and come at unbeatable prices. Very, very highly recommended. I plan to purchase from him again in the future.
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I had to order a headphone part and Jan got it for me for a good price--not even something he normally does. It was very cool of him to help me out.
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I have found that dealing with Jan has always been a pleasure. Two pairs of HD-600's and two Porta-Corda kits later, I'm very satisfied.

I'd also be putting a RKV on my CC if I could...
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I ordered a Corda HA-1 and HD600 as a bundled deal, and a great one at that-- probably one of the best. Thank you Dr. Meier. Highly recommended.
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