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Calling all MG Head owners... sign up to try the Head-Fi MG Head tube rolling pack!

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Fellow MG Headders... here's the deal: I now own a LOT of tubes and would like to share the wealth. Here's what I propose:

I'll box up a collection of 5751/12au7 tubes and designate it as the official "Team Head Rollers Pack".

Here are the conditions:

1) Receive package
2) Roll tubes for a week (whee!)
3) Take notes and share them on the forums
4) Mail them to the next person on the list

So, for $3.50 postage, you'll get a sample of how good (and bad) things can get. Sound interesting? Reply to this thread if you'd like to participate.
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I'm in.

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i'm gonna pass, but that may be the coolest thing i've ever seen anyone offer on the net... you kick ass nick dangerous.
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Sounds great. Count me in!
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This has got to be the most generous offering I've seen on any forum. Nick, my hat's off to ya.

Too bad I no longer have my MG head to join in this adventure.
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head rolling!

sounds really great! too bad i live in canada, the land of the sloooooooow postage! but i'll be very interested in hearing from everyone. can't wait!
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Hehe, never has the phrase "Heads are gonna roll!" been more appropriate, and in such a good way...
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Count me in !!! :0

Just got my MG Head OTL 2 weeks ago, my Raytheon 5751 arrived a few days later and the JJ El84's the other day...

Slight problem with the Westinghouse/Raytheon 5751, I'm getting a slight hum which I didn't get with the stock JJ ECC83 S tube that came with the amp. Also there's a noticeable noise when turning the volume up over the 6th (11:00 o'clock) position.

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Perhaps we should agree on what CD's (music) to listen to with the tube roll.

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I've been playing around the 571 Nick sent me earlier for the MG Head and wowza. Yes, it did sound much better....

Before posting up my impressions though, since I feel that that I"m still a newbie, I want to spend a little bit more time listening with and without the tube itself and then spending a little bit extra more $$ for some JJ EL84s.

As for the music, I think we should all just audition the tubes /w our own music - that way we get a variety of tests /w a variety of different music and opinions

Should be interesting I think.
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sounds good, count me in!
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YES YES YES! I have a few tubes, but the more the merrier
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Nick, this is great news, I'm in!
I still have the stock JJ tube, and I want to hear the difference. I'm also upgrading the components in my MG Head (Auricaps, Rikens and better diodes) so this is going to be one interesting experiment!
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How many 12AU7s are there? I could roll them in my Cyber20.
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(be prepared... get yourself a pair of Ei Yugo EL84's and a pair of JJ EL84's. The Ei's will help you trim brightness and add bass, whereas the JJ's will emphasize detail and mid/high notes. Personally, I use the JJ's... but then again, I have a Clou cable which adds bass)

G.E. greyplate 2-mica 5963
Arcturus greyplate 2-mica 5751

Sylvania blackplate 2-mica 12AU7
ITT greyplate 2-mica 7025

Tung Sol greyplate 2-mica 5751
Sylvania blackplate 3-mica 5751

As you can see, you'll experience a lot of variety in this pack! The THSP (Team Head Six Pack) will travel in a circle to minimize shipping delays. Here is the tenative order (based upon replies, physical location, posting senority, etc):

Week 1 - Eric343 in Seattle, WA <- Review posted.
Week 2 - TimSchirmer in Long Beach, CA <- Review posted.
Week 3 - Jodokast in Santa Rosa, CA <- Too much school work!
Week 4 - JeffW in SF Bay, CA <- Review MIA.
Week 5 - JeffKiel in Raleigh, NC <- Review posted.
Week 6 - Mezzman in NYC <- Review MIA.
Final Week - Cyclingasronomer in Canada, B.C. <- Not sent! Are you missing? No reply to PM's...
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