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ac adaptor filtered?

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I recently bought an ac adaptor (Thomson 9v dc 500 mA class 2 telephone power supply) for my Sony D-303. I know you purists are cringing since this thing is probably not filtered or regulated. Am I courting danger by using this thing?
It seems to work ok doesn't get hot ,no hum etc .Is 500mW enough power?
Btw it only cost $1.
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Betcha it sounds better with a regulated and filtered wall wart power supply that exceeds the nominal draw of the unit. It can't sound worse! Using such a thing for my battery charger even means cooler batteries.

A wall wart at Radio Shack with switchable voltage and 800 mA output costs very little. Do a search for "Audiophile Adapter?" on this forum, and you'll find the detailed info.
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ac adapter

Thanks for the advice.
What about the RS international adapter. Where can I get this?
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The manual for your Sony should list what is acceptable. 500 mA is probably enough if it is a recent model. My portable cd player from 8 years ago says it requires 800 mA. But a more recent one can get by with 300 mA. Giving it a little extra voltage than required is usually ok. It could possibly blow some capacitors or something, but it is likely the circuit was slightly overbuilt and can handle the extra voltage without any problem. The one you got may be a switching supply, if it is I would follow JML's suggestion and get the Radioshack regulated/filtered adjustable voltage AC/DC adapter that is quite inexpensive.
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Radio Shack is the source of the International adapter. They're about $22-23, regulated, but not filtered, and the 9V has a capacity of 1500 mA. Either way, you'll need to bring the unit with you to match the plug. My Sonys are all the M adapter style, with the tip negative.
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