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Review: Pillsbury Pizza Pops vs. McCain Pizza Pockets

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All of the thoughts and opinions involved in this review are entirely my own; please do not base your purchases solely on this review!

Equipment Used:

- Plate
- High Power Microwave


Head-Fi is a great community. Why is it a great community? Because it's members take part in the contribution of various reviews and articles relating to sources, amps, and obviously, headphones. This review, however, decides to break away from the usual.

Now, you may ask, "Why did you choose to review food!? Pizza Pops!? Pizza Pockets!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!! YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!!"

Well, occasionally when I'm out shopping at the grocery store, I'm torn as to what delectable tasty snack I should pick up. I like both Pizza Pops and Pockets, but today I will try to answer the question that has been plaguing food critics (and frat boys!) for eternity; "Which tastes better? Pizza Pops or Pizza Pockets?"

This review will compare both, and then you, the buyer, can actually decide for yourself.

Nutritional Information:

Pillsbury Pizza Pops (per 100g serving -- one snack)

- 246 calories
- 10g of protein
- 10g of fat
- 29g of carbohydrates

McCain Pizza Pockets (per 100g serving -- one snack)

- 251 calories
- 10g of protein
- 11g of fat
- 28g of carbohydrates

As you can see, they both have similar specs. The taste is obviously the most important, however.


Pizza Pops

Pizza Pops are in the shape of a half moon. They have little ridges running down the edges. Overall, they are somewhat aesthetically pleasing, at least imho more so than Pizza Pockets.

Pizza Pockets

Pizza Pockets are simply just round pockets. ...nothing much else to say.

Cooking Time:

Cooking time for Pizza Pops is approx. 1 min. on one side, then another 15-30 seconds. on the other side.

Pizza Pockets, on the other hand, can be cooked for approx. 1 1/2 mins. without changing sides. This means that the Pockets cook faster, enabling the buyer to eat in a shorter amount of time.


Ah! Finally...taste! This is the most important aspect of the review.

Pizza Pops

Upon first bite, the Pizza Pops are quite gooey. They really are loaded with lots of stuff! The cheese gives a nice little tangy taste, but without being too sharp. The pepperoni is a little bit soft, but still tastes quite good. There is a good amount of sauce as well. Yummy!

Pizza Pockets

The moment I bit into a Pizza Pocket I knew something was off. There just didn't seem to be the nice tanginess that the Pops had to offer. The Pocket just tasted somewhat bland. The meat, however, was a bit spicy, which I liked. Overall, the Pocket wasn't too bad, but its slight bland flavour is something to watch out for.

In conclusion, I prefer the Pillsbury Pizza Pops over the McCain Pizza Pockets. The Pops just had that gooey-ness and tangy flavour, which I really enjoyed.

If the Pizza Pops were headphones, they would be A900s. Their tanginess was great, and never gets too tangy.

If the Pizza Pockets were headphones, they would be MS-2s. They are a bit bland, but they give a pretty good spicy taste (impact) that the Pizza Pops just don't have.

EDIT: Upon continous taste-testing over a long period of time, I have come to like the Pizza Pockets much more, but still prefer the Pops for their gooey-ness.
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Haha, very nice. I couldn't resist a smile throughout the review. Btw, did you test them amped or unamped
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Isn't this review a bit biased considering you tasted the pizza pop first? After eating anything, the second item you eat should be potentially less appealing as the first potentially could be.
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Oh! I forgot to mention that i waited a while before eating the pocket
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What type of aftermarket power cord did you use on the microwave?

I guess when you get the money this could be an upgrade from “Team Top Ramen”.

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Oops. Was too late with the power cord comment.

Great review by the way. Makes me hungry.
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Yeah. lol! I was thinking about a Ramen noodle review, but I didn't have any Ramen noodles on me. I think I'll do a Ramen one soon!
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I'll assume that in this case, you'll want to avoid burn-in
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how about using a conventional oven as opposed to a microwave?

I hear things taste better out of ovens
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one thing i dont like about pizza pops is that they have floury residue on the outside which leads to messy hands.

the pockets tend to eat cleaner.
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so tasty! yes!
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LOL, this must be one of the most original review out there. Very nice
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OK, where's the head to head Ramen shoot out review this month? We want pics as well.

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Superb review Null! I'd like to feature your gastronomic write up on my supermarket pizza page if you're up for it? I had an idea a few years ago to review a selection of supermarket Pizzas but the novelty wore off after the grim realisation that I would have to eat them before reviewing them kicked in so I put it on hold.......

This post has reminded me just how junky supermarket pizzas are and I'd love to dedicate a page to the "junkie microwavable" ***** that is available en masse.........

If you'd like to help me make this page even more cheesy than it already is then let me know........ your stomach and my writing skills could make it the celebrity of supermarket pizza pages

Be sure to click on the loudspeaker gif to appreciate the full cheesy experience
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