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Look what I got!

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I received this from a friend in South Korea. It's an itty bitty CMOY Notice the size compared to the 9v connector. I have not been able to listen to it yet, but will check it out tonight and post a review next week. Also have a JMT on the way...Can't wait for that one!!!!!!!!!!!!
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very cool
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wow! that is tiny! what is the part with the minijack?
does the thing have an enclosure?

I wonder how it sounds?

Looking forward to the review.
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Short listen, first impressions

So, My first impression is WOW! This thing is so tiny yet delivers huge sound! It is a little bright (Can't wait till it gets nice and burned in!) I only have my new Airhead supreme (thanks Kurt!)to compare it to (which is unbelevably smooth) I can't beleive the bass response from a 9v battery. I will write more later, after I have been able to listen for a couple of weeks.

As for the second module, it is a seperate volume control. As for an enclosure, I am looking for one (maybe an Altoids tiny tin or something)

Anyway, it's pretty cool if i do say so myself!

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Ah, that's sijosae's work. It's good to see he's selling some of his little jewels. They're truly beautiful things that should be shared through more than just pictures.
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Good eye tangent!

Yes, this is sijosae's work. I think I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time (or to email at the right time).
Anyway, the amp is beautiful and really sounds amazing especially for it's size!
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