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Weak Link?

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Hello, just discovered this forum and it really looks great. Lots of audio "addicts" here!

My current setup is not too bad but what is the weak link?

Source: Sony DVP-S9000ES, It seems to be a darn good CD player as well as an excellent DVD player so I have tried to kill two birds.
Headphone: Sennheiser HD-600 with Clou Red cable
Headphone amp: Headroom Little More Power Premium
I LOVE the crossfeed.
Interconnect: That is the question. I am using a Monster MKII audio cable from my Home Theater system between the CD player and the headphone amp. I have no desire to make my own cable. What to upgrade to that will provide a bang for the buck since I already have over $2k in this setup?

Thanks. (anyone know who Nosferatu was?)
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That's a kinda tough question. I'm not familiar w/ the MK II. What budget range are you looking at, and is there any particular area (transparency, warmth, etc...) that you feel needs improving?

Nosferatu == Dracula (I saw the black & white film)
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Well, the Monster MkII is about a $40 cable and I really don't know how good it is. Since I've already spent $100+ on a Clou Red, then I could see myself springing for at least that much if there was benefit to be gained. More than that, I probably wouldn't spend.
After all, Nosferatu refers to my audio habit, sucking the lifeblood out of my checking account.

My problem is a point of reference, since I only have this equipment and have not heard a lot of other stuff. The setup sounds GREAT but could I get say a 5-10% uplift in sound "quality" by getting a better cable?
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Nosferatu == Dracula (I saw the black & white film)
This played at the theater that I work at, Great film, the guy had the coolest hands i've ever seen.
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Re: replacement cable

Hi Nosferatu, welcome to Head-Fi!

Regarding the cable, I'd say if you're happy with what you have, stick with it. Perhaps the best way to decide which particular cables you want to try is to continue reading these forums and the ones at . Look at descriptions of audio systems in general and cables as well. See what cables people have in systems that look a lot like yours (emphasis being on headphones). If you're lucky, you'll still love your system. If you're not lucky and are like most of us, you may find yourself finding "problems" with your system that don't really exist -- but you may want what you guess might be a wider soundstage, perhaps tighter bass, or maybe an extended treble. When this happens, you may want to look into trying out new equipment...

I'd say that the two weakest links in your chain, in order, are probably your cables and then your amp.

I won't post cable suggestions lest you go out and buy something that you don't feel is a worthwhile way to spend your money. However, when you do decide what you think is the kind of sound you're looking for, post a message here or PM me or other owners of interconnect cables/amps/whatever that you might be interested in.

Good luck!

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Welcome Nosferatu (sorry about your wallet).

Sounds like you have a pretty nice little rig there!
I would agree that the weak links are probably the cables, then the amp, in that order.

I don't think a new amp is necessary though, especially if you are happy with the little.

Some new cables might help a lot. I also have monster cable, and it sounds better than the other cheap crap I have, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

Look around, you can find used cables sometimes for pretty cheap.

post #7 of 9 has a large selection of interconnects, and a good return policy. It's a good place to audition interconnects.
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5 to 10% is an awful lot of improvement to expect when going from a quality mass market cable, to an entry level audiophile cable.

A detectable difference, is more like it.

The Little More Power Premium is a great amp. It seems that most people here are partial to tubes. I like tubes for speakers, sometimes. I like good solids for my HD600's. It seems to tighten things up. IMNSHO.

It's all a matter of personal taste anyway.

At least you still remember what a wallet looks like. Stick around.
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Thanks for the warm welcome and the good advice.
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