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Ok guys

For all those X-cans v2 (and 1 if there are any still out there!) what Interconnects are you using and why? I have been until recently using a pair of vdh dIII 102b'sm(£70 when I bought them!) but these have gone back on the cd player after realising how good they actually are

The only other pairs of IC's which I have to hand (apart from kimber pbj which I am a bit ambivalent about, i.e when its good its good when its crap its well....) are two sets of qed qunect ones which until recently are shared between my wharfedale dvd player and my sony minidisc home deck so I obviously need a new pair of ICs.

The question is what would you reccomend (without being silly,sorry for spoiling the fun there jude ) and why?
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I say, make you own. I don't buy them anymore, the Qunex2 is sitting in it's box right now. If I ever need another pair, I'll make some more. The shark cable from maplin is really good, and my whole headphone set up is using. Apart frmo the CD player, which uses VDH The First.
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I use vdH D102 III in my headphone rig and should say this is a nice cable. If you like it (as much as I do...) why don't just buy another pair.
Another good cable is IXOS Gamma audition. Great value and very neutral sound.
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