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Originally Posted by tortie
With that stated, I have a few questions. What I would like to know is how do other powercords that dont have shielding & ferrites work? Do they still help at all?
I constructed a few DIY powercords of higher guage than the stock power cords that come with most equipement. I found there was a slight improvement, but not enough to rule out the placebo effect or other explanations for what I was hearing. When I switched to a shielded power cord, however, the difference was significant. This may be to due to excessive noise from my other components and/or the nature of the power at my house, so YMMV, but it convinced me of the benefit of a shielded power cord in my system. I am gradually replacing all the cords with shielded cords, and each time I do there is another step of improvement.
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Got my cord today ;D It *really* Changes teh sound. Probably because I have so much other stuff near my headphone setup (computers and such) the extra sheilding on it helps.

Here it is next to my old cord

Its like a damn firehose!
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I feel like an ex-smoker with a cigarrete being waved in my face The temptation to buy a new power cord for all my stuff is unbarable
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It's futile to resist
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so far biggest improvement of a better power cord is the soundstage , followed by transparency and instrument seperation.
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