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Stereo balanced

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Hey guys-

I accidentaly ordered a pair of Markertek 3.5mm (mini?) to 3.5mm, but not the stereo balanced ones. What's the difference between the two? The 1.5ft versions of them cost the same, but not the 3ft.
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so it wasn't just me! damn it is misleading...

or maybe I am just an idiot.

The ones you got won't play in stereo.

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I checked their website like ten times to make sure it was not a design or semantic error. Apparently, "balanced" seems to be a funny replacement word for "stereo". Not sure why, I just think they are using some esoteric expert lingo from the cabling industry.

However, if you look at the photo of the cable, the normal one is a mono jack (one black stripe). If you look at the photo of the "balanced" cables, you can see the jack is a stereo one (two black stripes).
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Actually, they're not exactly the same thing, but when it comes to cables, I believe they are interchangeable. Balanced means the signal goes across three wires -- normal, inverted, and ground. The normal hot and inverted hot signals are much better for noise cancellation, and is used more in professional equipment than in consumer high-fi.
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so... the non stereo balanced ones will work in stereo, just not with noise cancellation? what exactly is noise cancellation in terms of cables?
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