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Thanks for Interconnect Advice

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I have a Corda HA-1 headphone amp and Senn HD600 phones and have been using Kimber PBJ interconnects which (to me) were considerably better than the RS & Monster interconnects I tried initially.

Recently because of posts by some Head-Fi'ers, who's opinions I've come to respect, I got a pair of Homegrown Audio Silver Lace. While I hoped to hear some improvement my expectations were not excessive.

After listening for some time all I can say is ... WOW!!!

Not sure why some people say that cables are all the same but the improvements (eg richer, smoother, more ambiance, etc, etc) have certainly made my listening much more pleasurable. The Silver Laces retained all that I liked about the PBJ but took it to another level.

Just wanted to officially thank the folks who contributed to my decision ... you know who you are (eg Dark Angel, etc).

Now I gotta return to my listening

Thx ... Gord.
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Interconnects make a difference?
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Re: Interconnects make a difference?

Not sure if you're pulling my leg or not ... but in my case there was much more of a difference than I expected as, to be honest, I wasn't anticipating much of a change.

One thing that probably made a difference was that the PBJ was definitely thin sounding to my ears (although I liked most of it's other characteristics). The Laces added bottom and top end and a beautifully balanced mid range. They also sound more delicate and musical and just more "real". The end result was that it sounds really good on all types of music whereas the PBJ's seemed to favour certain types.

I'm certainly not advocating going nuts in the interconnect world ( which can be awfully expensive and frustrating).

I was going to add a note in my previous post that I don't want to hear what previous Silver Lace users upgraded to because my interconnect upgrading ends here ... famous last words .

Except I think the Cardas headphone cable would be awful nice on my 600's ...
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Gord SW Ont,
After I burn in my new CD player I will be looking for new interconnects. From the way you described them I think I should consider the Silver Laces also. Do they sound harsh, or bright to you? Pure silver has a reputation for being a little bright. What do you think?
But, I will say that bringing out the frequency extremes is the number one characteristic I look for in interconnects, and cables.
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Pure silver is not bright, silver plated copper is bright... at least that is what I conclude (never heard em myself)...
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Pre-qual: I have only ever heard one pair of pure silver interconnects.

Pure silver is indeed bright, but in a smooth way.

Gord, how is the bass on those Silver Laces?
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I agree with previous posts ... these pure silver interconnects are not bright (as in harsh) but they do have an extended top end which I would liken more to being silky (or smooth as some one else said).

The bass response is quite good to me ... better than the PBJ which I thought worked pretty well with the HD600's.

I think the overall balance is what makes them work for me ... I find that I'm listening to the music rather than the instruments and enjoying it more than I thought possible.

Of course you've got to keep my comments in perspective as I have not experimented with the higher priced interconnects / equipment that many folks on this forum use.

For me it works and when I sit down for a session all the day-to-day stress just melts away ... what more can you ask for?

P.S. I got it in a 0.5 meter DIY kit and I don't think I could have done better for the price.
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Thanks for the response. I specifically asked you because you seem to be coming from a similar place that I did. Previously, I had been told that you can't do much better for less than US$100 than Kimber PBJ, and I've experimented, and they were right...pretty much. There are some variations, but you can't do much better. So I haven't experimented with significantly higher end cables either, so if I'm going to upgrade, I want to make sure and do it right. It'll probably either be the Silver Laces or some van den Huls. Maybe some BH Labs. I don't know...
Originally posted by Gord SW Ont
The bass response is quite good to me ... better than the PBJ ...
That's saying a lot. I like the bass response of my PBJ's quite a bit. Extended deep and tight without being boomy.
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