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*sniff* 831s died :(

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Not died but I completely lost bass response in the left channel.

So, I opened them up, the left earcup, all the way.... drivers exposed, everything. A while ago I used compressed air and created a dent in the driver, or so I thought... apparantely there is a thin film covering the driver, the driver was fine but the film had a dent (big deal) and I wanted to inspect further. I was playing with my little screw driver though, and it got attached to the magnet a few times, didn't think this harmed anything... so I closed the left earcup, and blam! No bass response on left channel anymore!!!

AHHHHHHHHH I'm going to go crazy! What to do? What to do? Butter knives ARE evil! VERY EVIL! DONT TOUCH ONE AGAIN! (had to to open the earcup)... Will Beyerdynamic cover this under warranty? I'll pay for a fix damnit... time to contact Jan...
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I will never open my hd600.. ur hard learned lesson is a big warning to me...

Are you absolutely sure the lack of bass response is due to the screw driver touching the amgnet a couple times ? any chance it is something else ? ( maybe u touched something by accident without knowing ?

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As soon as I get somthing to replace my Senn 580s, I'm going to open them up, take the drivers out, and make my own phones with them.

As for the Beyers, is the voice coil seated properly? When I was playing with my Koss sportapro drivers under water (don't ask) I lost bass responce in both drivers. Afterward, i wiggled the diaphragm and the bass came back, even with holes in it (from another experim... um, test)
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the evil butterknife strikes again!
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something similar happened to my sr-60's. in the end i found out that a tiny spec of metal got onto the front of the driver. the metal stuck to the magnet and pinned down the diaphram so that i lost bass.

but it looks like you only touched the back of the driver, so you probably have a different problem. good luck though.
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It could be that the 'film' that is over my driver is giving me problems, it is touching the driver now when it is not supposed to be. I'll have to investigate further (if I have the guts to) and figure out what happened to the magnet...
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Hmm, well I just noticed, apparantely the driver and the film (is this the diaphragm?) are sticking together! Wheverer I do, I cannot seem to get the film off the driver... This might be my problem. Come on bass, work!
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oh, so that's what you meant about 'film'! yes, that's the diaprham. and it's definitely your problem if it's stuck to the magnet.
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Its not stuck to the magnet... its stuck to the driver, the paper cone, or whatever, that thing... must be some glue or something, cannot make the diaphragm get off of the cone...

I'm doing a last resort now, blasting low bass into the driver... eh its prolly breaking it anyhow... Oh well, time for beyer repair time (hopefully)
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Just thought I'd let everyone know what the damage looks like...

(image is too big to embed)
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Well... I fixed the diaphragm problem! I heated the whole earcup under a 100W light bulb and whatever was keeping the diaphragm on the magnet was loosened...

Unfortunately I destroyed the voice coil and melted the earcup... *sigh*

My entire left side of the DT831 is, gone... forever...

I'll have to see what Beyer can do on repairs...
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Well, contacted beyerdynamic and it would cost probably $100 to repair half the unit... (full unit is $150 from Jan)

Now I'm wondering if it is worth it to fix it or if I should just get something better (like... ety or HD600). These SR80s are just not doing it...
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Well, if I were you, I'd probably go for something better. An alternative to buying a new pair of Beyers for $150 might be finding a used pair of Senn 580s for $120 or so. I definantly prefered the 580s to the beyers when I auditioned them and if you can drive the beyers then you should have little problem with the senns.

Too bad about the beyers.
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Ouch... I can feel the pain the diaphragm was feeling

I think, looking at the picture, that the diaphragm was beyond repair before the light bulb incident... so, look on the bright side... you put it out of its suffering

Bummer though... Didn't the bass response die straight after you used the compressed air? I'd be very surprised if it didn't
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Actually, I still cannot figure out why the bass went away just like that...

Before, I did spray some compressed air into it making the diaphragm touch the magnet but the bass was there (doh!).

I don't know if touching the magnet with some metal piece did anything, becasue the diaphragm seemed to be moving just as it was before (with a little bit of it sticking to the magnet) even after that.

But alas, what does it matter now, I need a new earcup and driver... I don't think I will be looking at other headphones because I want a closed headphone, with isolation and not that much sound leakage...
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