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How well do the a700's block outside noises?
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I guess this is late in the thread. I bought and own these headphones.....I hate them.....shrill midrange and treble. Everything sounds "fake". Very hollow sounding. M50 do EVERYTHING better. So do a slightly modded RX900.
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Shrill midrange and treble? What source do you have those coming out of? Those are not things that come to mind when I listen to my A700s.

@ehreiyc - They isolate OK, but it depends on what you are looking for. They were fine for me in blocking noise out at the office, but I wouldn't use them on an airplane.
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I also have issue with A700. I'm no audiophile, so I don't know if it is weak highs or mids. But the vocals on the A700 is very poor. However, it is good for rock music.

I got A700 in Japan 3 years ago before they were readily available in USA. Had to pay $150+ too. Regret I went thru all that trouble for A700, and now stuck with a headphone that I'm not happy with.

Recently, I started to play with the EQ. If I use "Vocals" or "Pop" in iTunes and iPod, which seems to boost the mid-range frequencies, vocals sounded better on A700.
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Follow-up on Audio Technica ATH-A700. I posted couple critical comments about A700 previously.  Here is my update impression. 


In summary, A700 sounds decent for Alternative and Rock music.  Pros: The mid and lows are good.  Good sound stage.  It is fun to listen to.

However, stay away from A700 if you enjoy listening to singing voice.  Cons: Vocals is thin.  A700 feels incomplete.


I have had A700 for 3 years now.  This is the only headphone I have and use at home.  I do have Shure SE420 IEM for use on the go.  Recently, my brother purchases Shure SE530, so went over with all my gear and did a comparison with what he has.


Here are the models we listened to:

  Audio Technica ATH-A700 (Closed headphones.  I had this for 3 years).

  Sony MDR-CD900ST (Closed headphones.  Sold in Japan only.  I bought this and then sold it to my brother).

  STAX SR-400?  (My brother's.  I don't know much about this, other than it is open headphones, pricey, use electrostatic, and has dedicated amp.)

  Shure SE420 IEM.

  Shure SE530 IEM.


STAX sounds the best.  But it is different price point and not a fair comparison.  And it is open.


Audio Technica ATH-A700. Fun to listen to.  It sounds great for the Alternative and Rock.  Plus the sound stage is very good; it is like I'm in the room with the musicians.  But like I said above, the vocals on A700 sounds thin.  Not a major issue for most Alternative music.  But it is lacking if you are into vocals.


Sony MDR-CD900ST.  Accurate sound. Balanced across all frequency ranges.  But not as fun to listen to.  Sound is very 1D.  Probably good as studio monitor, but not great for enjoying music.


For me, listening Alternative music, I prefer A700 over Sony MDR-CD900ST.  A700 is more fun to listen to.  On the other hand, my brother, who listen to variety of music (classic rock, classical, vocals) cannot stand A700.


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I am not a fan of the A700.  While I haven't spent a lot of time with them, I find that they are very poor in the highs and midrange.  I don't like vocals through them (especially female vocals) and find that they are especially disappointing with anything other than heavier music, and even then I am not particularly fond of them. 

In my opinion, the A700 sounds like listening to music housed in a plexiglass box 25-30 feet away from you.  Don't confuse that with soundstage though. 

The A700 may be a reasonable starter 'phone, but IMO there are others I would consider first.  I much prefer my DT770, for example (which is not at all to do with the DT770's extra bass).

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I would agree with the OP that for the price this is a great headphone.  And I would also agree that the W1000s best everything I have ever heard.  It seems that we, (HeadFi) are split on the vocals, and if there on or off.  In my book, on.

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I just ordered some A700s for $115 from Amazon.com, and I hope to God that they are as good as the 50 people that gave them 5 stars on amazon say they are. I mean, we can all nitpick, but are these really that bad in the mids (and vocals)? My nice headphones broke a while ago and I needed replacements, and in the meantime I have been using Skullcandy Hesh's (warning: piece of crap) with little satisfaction in the comfort and sound quality departments.


I will write what I think of them when I get them.

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informative and helpful review. thanks

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