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Great transaction

had a beautiful mini to mini made to my specs. Great communication and fast shipping. Highly recommended!

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I bought a HeadRoom Airbag from Bryan. Great communication and fast shipment. Would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks!
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Bryan built me a mini-rca cable and also a mini headphone jack adapter. Always explained things to me so I could choose what type of cable I wanted. Always gave me progress reports. Shipping was the fastest I ever encountered from a headfier. He shipped on the 18th May. It arrived on the 21st May. Considering I live in the UK then that's fast.

Deal with confidence.
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Oh dear - Just another gushing feedback for Bryan! I commissioned Bryan to make me a replacement cable for my MS1's - Cable arrived today looking 'bling' with it's black over chrome colour combo My MS1's and i are suitably impressed! (Or they will be when i bring the iron home from work!) Top Head-Fi'er and cable maker dude Deal with confidence people!

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Great Work

Spoke to Highflyin9 about his cardas cabled beyer 880s and broke down to buy them. Bought them from BH photo and had them shipped directly to Bryan, which he had no problem with. He ordered the cabled just before they arrived, and once it finally got there, he recabled it and shipped it out the same day. Great as always and will commission him for work in the future. I recommend you go through him as well because of the rock-bottom prices, great customer service and extremely flexible style of working, and the rock bottom pricing WOW.

Because I was anxious to get the cans, he took a picture and styled it for me right before he shipped out:

having his products gives me a great sense of pride.

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Bryan Fabricated the Nicest Mini to Mini interconnect for me...

Bryan made me the Nicest Mini to Mini Iinterconnect Cable..! Thank you again!
Excellent Product, Communication and Shipping..! AAAAA +++++ Highly Recommended.. I'll order again Soon, Bryan. Cordially, Richard...
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Bryan made an awesome mini-mini cable for me. Construction was first rate. And it sounds at least as good as it looks! Communication was great throughout, with super fast turnaround time and delivery to Europe. Another resounding recommendation.
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Just received a great cable from Bryan.
Super fast shipping too.
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Bryan made me a great 6 inch mini-mini cable - I suspect this won't be the last cable I order from him.
Excellent fast transaction - recommended!
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I have seen Brian's beautiful cablework since becoming a member of Head-Fi and finally commissioned him to recable my DT 880. Not only is his work first rate, he is a great guy to deal with. He offered a flexible suite of options and advice, basically coming down to a fully customized job, down to the exact colors of the heat shrink coming out of the cups on top and how the shrink would be applied at terminations. He was running short on a particular flex (by a mere 1/2") and offered to upgrade my plug to a gold to mention the sleeving in question was already a premium material that he was out of but managed to scrounge up for me at no additional cost. To top it off, he found out that shipping was less than expected and refunded the difference! There is not another person on Head-Fi that offers the level of professional work that would be able to touch the rate he charges. The cable was also already made before I even shipped out my phones. He then held the completed phones while I was on vacation and had it timed for my return. Thank you Brian!
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Bryan recabled my akg 501s and did and extension for me. He does beautifull work that sounds flawless. He communicates every step of the way and delivers on his promises.
If you are thinking about getting your akgs recabled he is your guys. Mine sounds great a step up in detail and soundstage.
Thanks Bryan keep up the great work!!
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I bought some speaker cable from Bryan and it arrived in great condition exactly as described. He gave me a great deal and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested.

- Jason
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I commissioned HiGHFLYiN9 to rewire my DT880s. Not only did he do a superb job as always, but turned them around in a day

Super service and quality

Would recommend him highly!!

Thanks again Bryan
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Got an AKG replacement cable from Bryan for my K271s, awesome communication, pleasure to do business with, and to top it off he shipped it so fast that it made my balls spin. Top notch in my book!
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just recieved a right angle mini to mini cable from highflying9, he couldnt have been nicer about the whole thing, gave a cheaper option to what i asked for, and even refunded me the difference when the post wasnt as expensive as he had expected.

thanks dude,
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