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Mini to RCA Cable

Purchaced A mini to RCA cable from Highflyin9, the cable was made and shipped on the same day payment was made, excellent ++, excellent build quality, would deal with him again, an asset to Head-fi.
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I bought a 1' foot mini to mini cable from highflyin9, I love it! and will I will use highflyin9 for all my future cable needs.
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Bought a mini-RCA cable from Bryan. Great communication, fast shipment, and top-notch cable. Will definitely buy from again.
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posted about needing a 1/4" TRS to rca male left/right and bryan made it for me the day after inquiring about it. excellent build quality, wouldn't expect any less after seeing the numerous posts about his cables. came a couple days after his offer to build them for me. great guy.

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I bought a 12" right hand mini to RCA cable. High quality DIY product that sounds great. Top notch construction and fast shipping. Highly recommended for your cable needs.

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Bought a cable

I bought a 17.5" mini-mini cable that Bryan made - great cable at a great price. He waited for me to get my paypal verified, and then mailed the cable with the quickness! I look forward to buying more cables from Bryan down the line.
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Bryan made a 2.5 meter long mini to RCA for me. What an excellent job he did, it looks awesome. Very professional and high quality. I'm very satisfied with it and it was completed and send out extremely fast. Highly recommended!

Thanks much
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Extremely Positive

Had a discussion with Highflyin9 about cables in general a month ago and he was great to talk to.
A month later, I needed an interconnect to compliment my new Alessandro ms-2i cans and we had long correspondence discussing it - him not knowing if it was just chat or leading up to a sale.
Important to say (being feedback and all ) that I ordered a high purity copper smurf cable - largely off of his advice - and it is great!
Very friendly, helpful and makes reliable, quality products!
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I purchased two cables from Bryan, one was a 1' long mini to mini cable and the second was a 1' long mini to rca. Both look great and i can't wait to put them to use with my recording rig. Thanks again Bryan!
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highflyin9 is a good guy. I am another happy highflyin9 cable owner.

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fastest service i've ever recieved. Let me know when the cable would be built, shipped, etc. It was all done on time and he's very professional. Cable sounds and looks great, build quality is top notch!
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Bryan built a headphone extension for me. Communication was excellent, build quality is simply outstanding and it both looks and sounds great. Oh and did I mention that it all happened lightning fast? No, well it did, finalized details on Friday and the cable was in my hands Wednesday. Highly recommended.
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Bryan made a mini-to-mini RA cable for me. He finished making the cable the day I sent him the payment, and shipped it the next day. He also emailed me photos of my cable before shipping. When I got the cable, I found the cable to be a bit too long for my needs, but Bryan came to the rescue and shortened it. High quality cable, very fast delivery and customer-friendly guy. Highly recommended.
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I have bought a mini to mini and mini to RCA cable from Bryan. The build quality of the cables is amazing and they sound great as well!He has built the cables in no time and shipped them asap. Highly recommended would do business again in no time. Thanks again for building the cables!
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Thanks Bryan!

Bryan is a friendly and courteous Head-Fier who bought some KSC-35’s from me. He paid immediately, stayed in close contact, and gave me feedback before I could leave some for him. Thanks!
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