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I bought a pair of recabled Alessandro MS2's from Bryan. I have bought from Bryan many times before and this was another flawless transaction. Simply .... a good transaction from start to finish as usual. Bryan is highly recommended as a seller!!
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Got my 2nd pair of Highflyin's recabled 880's today. They're just beautiful, and buying from Bryan is as straightforward as can be: accurate, timely replies to questions, hi-quality pix, fast shipping in a container that could withstand a nuclear war.

The phones themselves are works of art, sound wise and quality of work wise.

What else can i say? My highest recommendation.
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Bryan sold me the HD650. Dealing was fair, communication was excellent, shipping was prompt, packaging was solid. The headphones look mint, just like he said, and they sound great. Thanks, Bryan!
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Bryan : What a talented fellow! Great Seller! Encore!

How many ways can the praises be sung for a great craftsman and a quality human being? So far theres 123 Head-Fiers in 7 pages of Highflyin9 's Head-Fi feedback giving testimony to my premise (restated here after yet another transaction)that Bryan is a VERY talented fellow who also gives the most superb service (no kidding!) what more can I say but thank you Bryan!!
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Bryan sold me an Xbox Live subscription. Communication was clear, shipping was prompt, and the item was very well packaged.

Highly recommended
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sold Bryan my AMB mini3, quick communication and payment, would recommend to anyone.
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I bought a VRAY cable from Bryan.Fast shipping and great communication through the transaction and the cable is very nicely build.Highly recommended.
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Great transaction

Bought a set of Cardas cabled DT770's. Great communication. SUPERFAST shipping. VERY careful packing. Thanks for a great transaction!

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AA++ Transaction!!

I bought a pair of 3 meter interconnects from Bryan, he makes very nice cables, I'd buy again! Fast shipping and well packed, a professional job.

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Bought a JVC DX1000 from Highflyin9. Great transaction. Shipped promptly and item arrived EXACTLY as described. Perfect purchase.
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I bought Bryan's pair of Wharfedale 9.2 Speakers. They were shipped in great condition for a nice price. Very easy to deal with and great transaction. Would gladly recommend to anybody. Thanks!
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This's my second purchase from Him.
folk just let you know this guy is Rock(Good stuff, fast shipping).
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I received my customized cable, totally happy. Good communication, top notch craftsmanship and Bryan is very flexible. All I could ask.


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Bought a mini to mini from him in 2005 :)

Yeah, wayyy overdue on the feedback, but I love the interconnect he made me. Right angle->right angle mini to mini, black, right angle connectors. Very responsive, excellent quality, has stood up to the test of time - used every day, many hours a day. Stuffed in my backpack, dropped, rained on - you name it, this cable has seen it - still works wonderfully.

You won't regret buying from this seller

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Bought AlienDac

Bought a AlienDac from Bryan. Excellent communications and fast shipping. Would
not hesitate to buy from him again.

All in all a great transaction.

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