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Super service +++

I bought a little cable from Bryan. Little cable maybe, but what a super service I got!!! And a realy fine cable builder I may add. A++

Thanks again Sir.


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Sold Bryan Ghost Recon for the Xbox 360. Payment was immediate and communication was as well. Highest recommendation.
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Bryan : What a talented fellow! Great Seller!

Bryan did a wonderful job for me. The product and every aspect of the transaction was first class and stress free. Thank you Bryan!!!!!
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from this man i bought a bunch of amp boards i assume he bought for himself.

communication was excellent, and quick.

they were shipped stupidfast, and packaged superbly. even the best efforts of the postal service did not damage my boards.
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I sold Bryan some anime DVDs. He paid immediately and communication was perfect. Too Extreme Thanks!
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Bought some AKG K26p's from Bryan. He was up-front with a "problem" with the silver finish that turned out to be nothing worth worrying about at all. Great communication, and 'phones arrived safely today looking and sounding nice.

A great price, great deal, great seller.

Oh, and his cables are nice, too!
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Bought a gamecube LCD from Bryan. Shipped quick, works great. Thanks!
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I was supposed to buy a pair of Koss A130s from Bryan, but he mistakenly sent me a pair of the more-costly A250s, and he let me keep them despite the price difference. Needless to say, Bryan is an excellent Head-Fier with whom to do business. Thanks!
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I bought a pair of recabled A130's from Bryan "Highflyin9" and he was kind enough to ship them the same day that I bought them. I had another Head-Fier work on recabling my 5k's with the cable from the A130 and they turned out fantastic. Great cabling work by Bryan and lightening fast dispatch, the transaction couldn't have been easier.

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I was supposed to buy a pair of Koss A250s from Bryan but he mistakely sent out the phone to other guy .

A bit sad story because I was waiting this out for sale for a long time.

However, after fews communication with him, we can deal with it. I accepted A130s instead of A250s plus a very nice interconnects which I think they're a bit more expensive than I paid for A250s. I also bought him AKG K81dj. Everything came to me in nice package. So happy to deal with him again.
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I bought Blueberry Audio G4HA Amp from Bryan.Shipped fast, and packaged superbly.Highly recommended
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Bought a pair of IC's..Perfect..shipped fast and I mean really fast
Doubt I could add to all the happy faces on his feedback

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I bought a Cardas K 271 cable from highflyin9. He's honest and fast, and produce perfect products! Highly recommended!
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Bryan made me 2 headphone extension cables that I ordered directly from his website. They're built professionally and packed nicely. It's a real bargain for what he's selling these cables for. Not forgetting to mention that his service was super quick!
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Bought a 6 foot headphone extension cable from HiGHFLYiN9.
Cable was of his own making.
And showed impeccable craftsmanship.
Communications were clear.
Shipping was prompt.
Highflying indeed!
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