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CMOY digital in

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How involved is it to use a digital in (any type of plug) in a CMOY design? I'm guessing it's pretty involved. I would be looking to use this for a home amp only.
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You'd need to build a digital/analog converter (dac), which is extremely elaborate.
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actually can be simple.Some DAC chips can be directly outputted to a gain stage (cmoy amp) or at worst have a passive three pole bessel filter in between.
Others would need an intervening IV converter,but again not too hard to implement.
The hard part is getting the psu/current drain/grounding/layout correct.Multistage elaborate power supplies , while nice , are the first thing to go in a portable DAC-Headphone Amp.My solution was to use a single psu for all stages but with a break switch and multipin DC input plug for improved home use.

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New version of portable DAC I'm working on should be quite similar to what you desribed, except that the amp will be not CMOY but multiloop (aka CHA47 or whatever name is used these days).
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I have noticed some confusion lately with the CHA47 amp and a multiloop buffered amp.
The CHA47 does NOT use monolithic buffers but two op-amps in parallel.The "CHA" comes from
C=Chu Moy
The 47 from the use of caps and resistors with a value of 47 in them.

A buffered amp has no need for parallel op-amps simply because the buffer takes care of the current increase.Parallel ops are overkill and can actually be detrimental.

Anyway,my bad


I KNOW how much work you have put into this
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Rick, no it's my bad, I should've known that multiloop does not equal CHA47! And it's the multiloop that I'm using.

I hope the new version I'm working on will be easy enough to make and that you'll be able to make one yourself! The new version is simpler, smaller so I might be able to fit two layouts on one 6 x 4 board. I hope to have it done within a week or two.

Thanks for encouragement! If I were to have any spare boards you're sure to get one...
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yes AOS that does sound like a great project that you are working on. I'll keep posted to the DIY forum to see your final results!!
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