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I was gonna mention flat beat by mr oizo but that has been already mentioned.

Gotta love that sausage smoking yellow fellow
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Originally Posted by bong View Post
honestly, Soft Cell's short career yielded one essential album, but it's a great album, and not just for the hits (or in the US, that one hit). "Frustration," "Sex Dwarf" and "Seedy Films" are sooo good.
I'd contest that: I listen to The Art of Falling Apart and This Last Night in Sodom more than I ever have Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. This Last Night ... features two of the best songs that they ever performed: "Surrender to a Stranger" and "L'Esqualita".

Marc's second "solo" album (Torment and Toreros by Marc and the Mambas) is, of course, an acknowledged classic, and needs to be checked out by anyone interested in chamber torch. I've seen him a couple of times live (including once with the reformed Soft Cell) and I think that he's one of the best live performers around.
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communards: Never can say goodbye

Thomson Twins: Doctor Doctor
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schools out - alice cooper
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smells like teen spirit

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Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
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Originally Posted by lastfreename View Post
smells like teen spirit

I'm sure I wont be the only ones to point out that Nirvana probably doesnt fall into one-hit-wonder territory.
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are you ready - Alien ant farm
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My favorite one hit wonder would have to be the iconic song "That thing you do" by the Oneders...I mean Wonders.
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Some more odd choices there.

Although "School's Out" is Alice Cooper's most famous song, he's had a number of hits during a long career. The Verve had "The Drugs Don't Work", which I would remember as an (even) bigger hit than "Bittersweet Symphony", and The Communards' biggest hit (in the UK, at least) was "Don't Leave Me This Way".

More important than the fact that these acts had more than one hit, though, is the fact that they are all recognised for their albums, which were bestsellers. The Vapours' "Turning Japanese" or Steeler's Wheel's "Stuck in the Middle With You" are better examples because I don't think that anyone would remember these bands at all but for those particular songs.

Another one like that is "There She Goes" by The Las.
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OK fine, Blind Melon - No Rain. And until zombie Shannon Hoon gets a record deal we can be safe assuming no more hits from them.
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Dead or Alive - You spin me Round (round, like a record)
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"In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

How can someone release something so great and everything else so crap?
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Originally Posted by KrooLism View Post
"In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

How can someone release something so great and everything else so crap?
oh common another day in paradise is pretty good too
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We probally can not agree on what is or is not a one hit wonder, because we all live in different contries....
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