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That's a very clean build.  Well done.

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Originally Posted by muskyhuntr View Post

Finished my EHHA Rev. A over the week end.  Sounds greater than great.  Tried a few different tubes and settled on a pair of Amprex 6GM8's.The build was from a Glass Jar Audio kit.  I upgraded a bit with a SumR transformer, some Vampire RCA's and a TKD pot.  Casing is based on a design by Stixx and matches my M3.


A few pics:




I have posted a few mor pictures on the EHHA Rev. A thread.


Thanks for looking



Looks great! I can't wait to build my EHHA Rev. A. I've wanted to build one for a few years now, but haven't had the desk space for an EHHA. I currently live in a small apt. in NYC. In the next 6 mos. I'll be in a new location so things should drastically change for me in terms of space.


If you don't mind me asking what did it cost to build? I might buy the parts myself via Mouser etc. to lower the cost a little bit. Not sure if doing it this way will contribute to savings vs. buying a kit from Glass Jar. Already have tubes for it so I'll save in that way.

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You might want to consider the Glassjar kit. The last time I checked, some of the transistors and CRD1 were no longer available.

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Will do. Perhaps, it's the way to go. I always get bummed when it gets hard to complete a project because of obsolete or hard to find parts.

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Hi All,


By all means, go with the Glass Jar Audio kit.  That's what I used for the most part.  The kit is very inclusive and will build a fine amp.  Indeed, the included tubes sounded the best to my ears. All you need to do is provide the casing and a few hardware items.  I have read more than once that these kits are cheaper than ordering from one of the supply houses. And convenient!


On mine, I did make a few enhancements. I replaced the the pot with a TKD model,  a SumR transformer, used taller heat sinks, gold tube sockets, and a pair of 10,000uF caps in the heater supply.  This added about $200.00 to the cost of the basic amp.  Of the enhancements, definitely use the taller heat sinks (this amp runs hot) and seriously consider the SumR transformer.  Another strong recommendation is to use a pair of AMB's Epsilon 12 muting boards.  About $50.00 for both assembled.  Good insurance!  Also bought some different tubes to roll, but prefer the ones included with the kit.


The biggest expense on this amp was the case.  Around $600.00.  The most expensive part of that was having Front Panel Express mill 4 panels.  That in itself was about $425.00.  I also splurged on 2 pairs of Vampire RCA's. Bear in mind that I was after a certain look.  A very suitable case could be done for much less.  Check out diyaudio.com.  Their store has a variety of quality casing available for much less. 


Soooo, with all that I mentioned, the total cost was about $1300.


As I write this, I am listening to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" played on two pianos.  Awesome!   You !can not go wrong building this amp.



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NEVER underestimate the casing. Stuffing the board can be done in a few hours, plotting the case, however...

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Last shameless pics, I promise.

Took more time with these. 





I better build something else now.

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Well shiver me entwives, if it isn't the tiniest LCD-2 I've ever seen...

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Originally Posted by vilts View Post

My very first humble case build. O2 with SkeletonDAC and selfmade pushon-pushoff circuit.


Nice builds guys....  And what a nice clean integrated O2 build there Vilts.  Just the essentials on the front panel, care to share a shot of the back?

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Amp turned out bigger than I thought it would.
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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

Amp turned out bigger than I thought it would.

At a diode short of 55 pounds, it's a manly-man amp.

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I present the gruBravo


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Hey, thats cute.


Maybe I'll stick my SkeletonDAC under my Bravo.

I wonder what I could call it...?


Originally Posted by mvrk10256 View Post

I present the gruBravo




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