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Hi All;


Finished this about a month ago.  Sounds great!  Build is mostly stock except for SUMR transformer and a splurge on Vampire connects.  A posting by Stixx gave me the idea for the case.





Thanks for looking,


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Nice casework, muskyhuntr, 

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I am uploading pics in the gallery for my KGSSHV on board build.

The best SS for electrostatics, but bested by the BHSE and T2.

I am posting because I would like to encourage everybody to get on the DIY wagon.

Nothing more satisfying than listening to your own build. No amount of money can buy that.

Thanks to Kevin for his designs, To Spritzer for his building ideas.



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Nice looking stat amp. Can't wait to hear it with the 009!

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Look forward to see you guys at the LA meet smily_headphones1.gif
Lots of very nice builds here. The Bottlehead is a piece of art.
Post moar!
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A posting by Stixx gave me the idea for the case.


Thanks mate!


I am flattered smily_headphones1.gif...


I definitely like your build!

I sold my M3 last year to a happy camper in

the Netherlands driving K1000's with it.

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So many beautiful things being built... here's an ugly utilitarian one but it comes handy when testing stuff. It's a simple sine generator based on the xr2206. Project is based on the schematic/pcb here: http://www.loetstelle.net/projekte/xr2206neu/xr2206neu.php


Goes from 1hz to 100khz (extreme distort too much to be useful to be true). Plenty of room inside the box still so I'll add a small board to turn the sines into square waves later on (which probably means next year...).






Unrelated to headphones but in the utilitarian spirit, here are a pair of DI boxes (Bo Hansen 1975 models). Gotta love how tough those little hammond boxes are.


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I got these in the mail today... biggrin.gif

Put one together. I'm currently trouble shooting it, I shall let you all know how it sounds once I've got it working properly. Looks cool at the moment at least!


and a good day to all



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How crispy are your Chicken's?

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Is the BUF634 in the feedback loop of the opamp? I've had great success with this circuit- http://www.ti.com/lit/an/sboa065/sboa065.pdf

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My chicken's good- rather crispy. (at least the legs were, i didn't try any other parts today ;))


The buf-634 is simply providing a virtual ground for the opamp. I've found it to be a fairly good component for this, it puts out a lot more power than any op amp I've ever tried in it's place. I love the TO package too, theyre really easy to route/mount, high power output, yet still more compact than say, a dip package


I'm using a 4556 which I've found so far to drive my headphones beautifully without any extra help.  I have yet to find another with more output power (which is one of the most important specs for running headphones directly I've found.


Keep in mind that my headphones are pretty low impedence compared to most so my requirements for power are on the low side.


I'm still rather interested in trying a buffered design, maybe once I've ironed all the kinks out of this one. 

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Link to the kit?

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I've swapped out the simple (yet silly) MOSFET follower buffers in my Parasound D/AC-1600 with OPA134/BUF634 composite buffers. For unity gain the implementation is as simple as it gets- just hook the two together as seen in TI paper and power them up. Just be sure that the opamp is stable in this config and the buffer chip must be fairly high bandwidth. The benefits of this is that you essentially get the performance of the opamp with much improved current capabilities. I've biased the BUF634 in high bandwidth mode and this means that at 18V it will give out a ton of heat- therefore be sure to heatsink it. For lower power dissipation applications an smd package might be good.

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Defqon, were you aiming that question at me? This is my own design. I'm considering selling some pcbs or maybe made up boards if there's demand, but this is just a prototype that you're seeing at the moment. (I'm calling it the Micro-Moy)

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Ahk np CrispyChicken :)

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