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Originally Posted by qusp View Post

close but not quite, they are SS 18W/8531G0 8ohm uncoated 6.5" tongue_smile.gif


Drat! I was so close!  :p

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Most recent build of my TPA6120/PGA2320 LiPo powered desktop/portable - features relay on/off pop suppression and is fully DC coupled with servo. Charging is constant current/constant voltage. Three buttons - right: vol. up and wake from sleep, left:vol. down middle: select left, right or both channels controlled. The display and CPU sleep after ~10 sec to save power.





Not too easy photographing black objects...





...the guts.



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indeed Nebby, very close! I think theyve discontinued the coated 6.5" a little while ago, with only NOS and the 15W version still available.


So pumped to get this system finished, in the home stretch now! just need to put aside a little bit more coin for the last 3 milled panels for the amp chassis and a new dac chassis to account for more channels. for now i'll just hang everything for the amps off the 2 x MF35-151 conrad sinks


the beaglebone control interface/MCU will take a while, but the system will work without it. I just wouldnt trust someone else to turn it on/off in the correct sequence


nice work wakibaki, is there a dac in there too? portable? even I call my rig transportable. but i'm not going to tell you youre crazy, having superb sound on the go, even if its in a manbag to take on long-haul flights or work trips, is definitely a tool of sanity for me

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Thanks. No DAC I'm afraid qusp. All-up weight is 432g or very close to 1lb. Longest dimension is 4 inches. There's no room to fit in a DAC as the main board has components on both sides and some of the area is given over to cooling.


Obviously it's not going to fit in a shirt pocket. Against this you have to weigh a rail-to-rail swing of 25.2V fully charged or with the wallwart connected. The batteries mean that there is a huge current reserve for transient performance when operated as a desktop. Endurance is 12 hours+. The relay to control on/off pop imposes an inescapable current drain but means that phones are protected in all circumstances since the DC servo is also arranged to cause the relay to drop out if any offset (including input) exceeds the servo authority.


Air-core inductors at the output mean the TPA6120's output impedance is not compromised. Maximum output current is 700mA with thermal limiting, although the wallwart charge circuit limit is set to 150mA.


Worst case output offset is 0.12mV with the OPA2277 servo.


Volume control from 0-255 represents a gain range from -89.5dB to 37.5dB in 0.5dB steps as currently configured.




I suppose I might get a DAC in if I went to 4 layers, but it'd push the cost up quite a lot. It's really intended for use with a DAP. I just wish I had an AP analyzer to confirm that it performs up to the chips' capabilities, but I've done my best with with what I've got. Distortion should be below audible.

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Wow, some crazy stuff here. I was tempted to post my miniUSB grubDAC just to be a troll, but I decided not to. I also don't have pictures and I'm too lazy to take pictures. Lol. It's bad enough I have to take pictures of every damn cable. :/

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Originally Posted by Pingupenguins View Post
It's bad enough I have to take pictures of every damn cable. :/

tell me about it …

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Originally Posted by fault151 View Post

Hi guys here is my B22 Balanced Headphone Amplifier.

Features of the amp are:
Balanced headphone amp/Single Ended
6mm thick panels
Joshua Tree stepped attenuator
Custom switching board for headphones/speakers (by MrMajestic)
Bulgin switches (1 illuminated, 2 for switching headphones/speakers, balanced/unbalanced)
Dual PSU
Conrad Heatsinks
Custom Volume knob
Illuminated countersunk volume knob

Great bro!) Fantastic!) Welcome to Israel bro!) Im painter & designer too. Thanks for your art work B22!)

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ODAC --> PGA2320 --> The Wire
























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Good choice of modules for a project TiEx, but that is one ugly box.



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Here's a recent build of a prototype of the PupDAC. Had to wait for panels from Front Panel Express and was away for a bit. My calculations for panels were mostly correct with the exception of the USB jack and LED hole which are both slightly off. Everything still works though.


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Looks great, Mullet.  You did a great job!biggrin.gif

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That looks really nice! Reminds me slightly of a pico dac.



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It's Cobaltmute's long standing project finally coming to fruition and subsequently coming in kit form on Beezar. I'd say it's definitely in the same ball park as a Pico. It sounds quite nice I must say.

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Looks really cute. tongue.gif

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I think the crowd here isn't a big fan of the white cathode follower topology. Anyway here is my new tube amp :


(µ-follower and white cathode follower using only ECC88)





Pic of the inside (a bit messy)



Background noise and parasites seem to be down enough. Curiously swapping tubes helped reduce them.I think the batch of ECC88 I bought is faulty, but maybe  they are 6N23P since "CCCP" is written all over them :p

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