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Thank you.

You would almost think I knew what I was doing...

Originally Posted by jdkJake View Post

Wow, beautiful etching work avro_arrow!

Really, really nice work.
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My second built, a cMoyBB. Have been trying several opamps.

I know is a simple build but this is my second DIY and has taught me soldering skills and how to read a diagram.

Waiting for the Meier crossfeed parts, and after that, eSXtatA SS 


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Looks like you did a good job! Well done. 

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omg im in love

Originally Posted by Beefy View Post

I originally posted pics of this amp way back in May last year, but I've finally got around to finalising a few changes yesterday, and couldn't resist taking new photos with my new camera......

σ11 is at 27V with a 30VA toroid. Filtered, double-fused, DPDT switched IEC inlet. Amphenol umbilical connectors. Neutrik RCA and headphone jacks. MMM has AD8610 all round, biased to 4.5mA. Output stage biased to 100-105mA. All electrolytics are Nichicon UHE/UPW. Pot on the left is configured as variable gain (2-12), but is currently shunted out of the circuit as I never use higher than 2 with my phones. Teflon SPC input wire, bog-standard copper hookup elsewhere.

And it is finally exactly how I want it
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That post is a year and a half old

Originally Posted by RockinCannoisseur View Post

omg im in love

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Well, sometimes it takes a bit of time for love to bloom wink.gif

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i really love that chassis and its so compact and awesome,  yes i am jealous of your amp:)

and this thread is filled with works of art


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Yay ~ Another CMoy!




My first(ish) crack at one, my initial board had a problem with distortion in the left channel so failing to fix it I made another.


Case is a small Hammond that I've cut to length (I could have made it a bit shorter) with panels made with wood I happened to find on the side of the road.




~Please excuse the horrible picture quailty~




My first attempt was a lot neater underneath.

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~ Starving Student 12AU7 ~




My second go at a Starving Student (first being the Beezar PCB kit)




I've used Ohmite carbon composite resistors, Vishay axial electrolytic and TAD "mustard" caps as well as a pair of JJ Valves.


I used star grounding as opposed to soldering the grounds to a plate.



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Beautiful woodwork!

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Very nice work, meme! I like that you used a star ground in there - a few more wires, but a great way to do it!

What kind of finish did you use on the wood?
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Thanks for the compliments.

Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

What kind of finish did you use on the wood?

I just applied three of coats of regular oil-based clear satin varnish (Ronseal I think) and just lightly wet and dried between coats.

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First power up (always exciting), and yes... she starts singing 




Afbeelding 777.jpg

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STUNNING work, as usual, Ferrari; simply stunning...


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Originally Posted by Ferrari View Post

First power up (always exciting), and yes... she starts singing 





It's beautiful. I'd love to see some pics of the inside. 

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