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I would like to give you guys 2 thumbs up!! Amazing, I might need to start doing this myself.

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Im not sure if this has been done before....
tried but for some unknown reason no one took the bait.I then proceeded to cull pics from various threads and insert them into a sticky but that task became way too big of a deal and was also scrapped.

so here is "round ll" which i am making a sticky hping it becomes THE Head-Fi DIY Gallery for everything not cable related which has it's own sticky

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There are plenty of pics on my website (see my sig) but this one isn't on there yet.

This is a work in progress, a scratch-built Pete Millett hybrid. I've spent aboput 100 hours engineering the case machining and circuit board layout. My goal was to build the amp in the Olde School Way with Sprague Orange Drops, Atoms, Carbon Comp resistors and other old parts. I even thought about point-to-point but I'm not THAT crazy. The other goal was to capture the look of motorcycles built by Russell Mitchell's Exile Cycles (as seen on TV!) Just a raw, muscular, no bull**** piece of machinery that does it's job well and happens to look good at the same time.

The case - a Hammond 1590N1 die-cast aluminum. Lots of machine time here. Finish is brushed aluminum covered with matte clear. Earwax - Hammond Cast Boxes Rawk!

The Mock Up:

The big cap in the back has it's plastic coating cut off and lightly brushed with a scotchbrite pad. The knob is Davies, the jack is Switchcraft. The gloss black-painted covers over the buffers+heatsinks are drawn steel boxes from LMB (Mouser).

The Back Side:

Power switch, power jack, Nickel-plated Swicthcraft jacks.

The ****:

The board is designed so that the tube sockets mount to the copper side. The side in this view will be populated with the above-mentioned Olde School parts. The board is held on by battery nuts and stainless-steel button-head screws.

The Board:

LOTS of layout time in this one (which is the second version - don't ask) and then three attempts at etching the board before I got Press-N-Peel Blue to work. Note the violet LED's in the middle of the sockets - should make 'em look like gas tubes!

The Parts:

Nothing fancy here!

Hope to populate the board this week - I'll let you know.

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Well, these are all "old news" but since this thread is now a sticky I just have to post them again

My first PPA. v1.0 board, eurocard-sized case, laser-cut, bead-blasted aluminium front and rear panels, transparent top, OPA627 and a pink LED

My old META42: v2.1 board, standard Hammond case, AD8620 on browndog and one very bright blue LED

My new "Disco"-MINT: Standard MINT with AD8620 in a Hammond 1455C801-enclosure. A flashing RGB-LED from www.lsdiodes.com means there's no mistaking when the amp is on

My very first headphoneamp: A buffered CMoy-design with on-board PSU (based on 78L09-regulators). The volume pot is an Alps RK09. The front and rear panels are laser-cut, bead blasted aluminium

My Non-OS DAC with CS8412/TDA1543. Mainly built as an experiment to see if it worked. It did work and surprisingly well at that. The design is the NONOZ-II from www.fedde.tk and the PCB layout is my own. The LED on the front is a signal-lock indicator.

I have more pics and information on these on my homepage (see my sig)

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i think i need a new case for my millet.....
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My vanilla szekeres

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SOme kinda oldies... not particularly impressive versus others in this thread, but my first builds.

Yet another MINT in a Hammond, this one is powered by a +/- 12V Elpac, and has additional filter caps mounted on a RatShack protoboard, along with a couple of 1n4002 diodes. All power connections are connectorized. Amp is housed in a J1201 1455 Hammond case (this size is only available from Allied).

Front view

Rear view, showing DIN connector for Elpac, mini and RCA inputs

Inside, showing MINT board and additional cap board. 470uf Cerafines on MINT board, 2x1000uf Nichicon Muse KZ per rail. Connectors are HRS DF1B series from Digikey, allowing both inline and board header connections from the same connector series.

Amp uses BC resistors, Panasonic coupling caps, and is CRD-biased. 221 ohm R11s for the BW resistor.

This shows a CMoy built per Tangent's tutorial on the left. It has been converted to an Apheared A47, and uses a Sijosae discrete rail splitter. Amp on the right is the MINT that my son built.
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Some great stuff in this thread

Here's a couple of my efforts.

Planar/ribbon headphones:


And, portable dac amp combo.


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Originally Posted by setmenu
Some great stuff in this thread

Here's a couple of my efforts.

Planar/ribbon headphones:


And, portable dac amp combo.


Now THAT is some serious DIY'ing.
Love those headphones. C3PO needs a pair.
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Humble battery pack...

Used a 3-AA battery compartment because 3 1.5v alkaline battery makes up 4.5V, just right for me 5V MuVo. No soldering, just lots and lots of taping.

Smaller form factor than its 4-AA cousin. The DC plug(which I ripped from a car cigarette lighter adapter) has interchangable plugs, which can be used with other appliances as well.
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Here's my Pimeta:

I plan to upgrade it with OPA627 soon.
More details here:
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Another PPA

Here's my latest PPA. Switchable between XLR and RCA inputs (with a balanced to single ended opamp-based converter circuit inside) and RCA passthrough. Adjustable/defeatable bass boost.

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Dude, where did you get a chromed Hammond? Plated it yourself? And I like the clear front panel--what did you use for it?
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Unusual, and nice, case. Make/model?
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