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Wow, all your builds look very sharp, snazzy and professional. :O
And boy is zkool's build super duper cool!

Allow me to post my humble and nondescript build.

That extra board to the left of the power cap is a discrete version of the TLE2426 (by Sijosae) -> OPA134PA VFB buffered (discrete Jung diamond buffer by Sijosae again) opamp ground channel.
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Originally Posted by zkool448 View Post
Thats no starving student! looks too good to be true
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Finished making some 6F8G => 6SN7 adapters for the modded Bada...

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That Modded Baha is HOTTTT!

Probably both figuratively and literally if you are double duty as speaker amp.

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Fitz, that amp certainly has a different look than the standard box with tubes/transformer. I like it a lot. It has a bit of sleek 'marble stainless steel kitchen' action as well as some very slight steam punk also.
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Both the Bada and the Maple wood amp are ridiculously good looking, very chiseled.

Thank you for sharing.
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Really nice work zkool and Fitz! I think the maple case is also my favorite wood amp case I have seen.. really clean lines and well done.

Really nice work on the Bada Fitz.
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Originally Posted by zkool448 View Post
That's way cool V-Div!

I stuck with the 'Starving and Simple' theme so here's my Millett SSH all boxed up sporting scrap/leftover maple wood

Wow! Impressive woodwork.
Looking good..
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Thanks a lot guys/gals!
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Thanks everybody... surprisingly the amp actually runs at fairly low temperatures with how everything's set right now; the chassis gets just slightly warm after being on for a while. Based on how it is now, you'd never guess that it suffered extensive heat damage while still just a headphone amp.

It's capable of a fair bit of output power all things considered, but I haven't measured exactly how much yet. I put somewhere between 15-20 watts into a dummy load while doing some initial tests, but didn't really have everything setup to properly measure based on 4 and 8 ohm loads.
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Just a TLE2426 Cmoy with an OPA2132 chip running off 8xAAA NiMH's

Many thanks to everyone on the DIY forum who put up with my dumbass questions and gave me sensible answers.
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posted in wrong thread, lol
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A Starving student Cmoy

I may have hi-jacked the name

This is the story my daughter has been a medical student for ever!! and during her studies she used her ipod to listen to medical podcats in the car and when studying in the library, the problem with these podcasts is they can be very low level with questions from the audience and responses from lecturers being inaudible. This design is very good at making the podcasts easy to hear. It also has the advantage of the students earphones and IC cable fit inside the tin.
So not much of a hi-fi amp but sounds pretty good and serves a useful purpose. It's very cheap and easy to build.

Thanks for looking
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Ooh, I need one of those. My online lecture recordings are rubbish.
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first of all, I don't like tubes. I think they're silly.

....that said-

I built myself a minimax today!!


this thing sounds VERY good. took me all day today (noon till 8pm).

one superbright red led under each tube socket and a 'slow color changing led' in the center position (think xmas tree usb gadget; which is actually where I stole that poor LED from!)
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