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Originally Posted by tyrion
I have a CI DAV-1 and there is definitely a difference with the sound output as compared to straight out of the AX. I will add that the sound quality straight out of the AX is not bad either. I've never heard a DAC1 so I can't compare. I need to see if anyone attending the South Florida meet has one to do a comparison.
Thanks for that input. The CI DAV-1 seems like a great DAC from what I can tell.
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Is there a "qualified" Team Source First? I would like to believe that source is first, as I do believe it is extremely important in the audio chain, but I would have to qualify it by saying that if your speakers cannot let you hear it, how can you tell if its there or not? I believe that balance has to be considered as much as source. In essence, if all parts are in reasonable balance, not necessarily perfect balance, then I would suggest that source be first considered when looking to improve a system's sound. The test that tends to support this approach? Set your budget for an upgrade, then go ahead and change your source. Do you feel that you are getting your money's worth? Could your money have been spent on something else in your system to bring about then changes in sound that you desire? How you answer these two questions will tell you a bit about how balanced (matched) is your current system, and whether your source should be upgraded. I realize this approach may not work for everybody, but if you are on a limited budget, it cuts right to the heart of the matter - is this the best improvement/change that my $ can buy? For me, there are few things more annoying that spending hard earned $ on something and not feeling like you got your money's worth. YMMV
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I would say that the analog output from the AX is impressive because of its price and all of the other things that it does. It is a very good wireless router for $129, so the audio capabilities are basically icing on the cake. It really is a remarkable device and a fantastic idea. On the other hand, when considered independently, I would not say the analog output from the AX is impressive at all. And I don't think you need a component anywhere near the cost of the DAC1 to see a significant improvement. Just plugging the AX into my entry level Onkyo home theater receiver and using its DAC made quite a large improvement. Other people have mentioned quite affordable DACs such as the CIAudio unit and the AOS Piccolo that have made a big improvement over the AX.

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Originally Posted by drminky
(if the 12inch has a pcmcia slot?)
Apple and pcmcia. Ha!
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Originally Posted by gaboo
Apple and pcmcia. Ha!
Apple PowerBooks almost always have PCMCIA. My new PowerBook does. The 12" doesn't because something obviously has to go to get a computer to that size.
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an argument could be made for both positions

the word "source" means 'the beginning" so without a good start how can you expect to have a good ending ?

GIGO-Garbage In,Garbage Out right ?

At the same time i have heard questionable systems that were musically satisfying totally due to the quality of the headphone or loudspeaker being high and making the best of a bad situation

So what is the answer to the age old question of which is more important ?

My position is :none of the above

I am more of a system kind of guy and it is my humble opinion that componant matching is far more important than the individual componants making up the system.

You could choose what are considered the "best" componants at each step in the signal chain and have a system that cost 1/8th of the total cost whip its *ss if the cheapo system was chosen carefully to "play well with others",in the case the others being each other part of the system.

All good amps do not sound good with all good speakers

all good Cd players do not sound good with all preamps

all good headphones do not mate well with all headphone amps

system synergy is way more important than superior individual parts

as always,just my opinion,means nothing
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