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Grado Interconnects

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Anybody heard these?

Due to another little problem with my Headroom order, they sent me a Grado interconnect instead of a Grado extension cable. I didn't know Grado made interconnects - and it doesn't appear on the Headroom website. I will give these a listen a report back after a few days when they are run in.

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you will be the 1st to review them here!
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Woah, looks like you lucked out there cowboy!

This site has them listed for $200 for the one meter and $290 for the 2 meter.

Sell them on here or sell the on ebay then buy you the headphone extension you asked for and then buy a new pair of cans or a bunch of cds or something!
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How's about some pictures? I've been dying to find out how they look like...
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