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Best Punk Rock Album Ever?

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My vote is for The Offspring's "Ignition," released in 1992.

Which album has your vote?
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I don't think any of the 1990's USA punk revival groups can surpass the best groups from England in the 1977-84 period.....even talented righteous ones like Rancid, Pennywise, NOFX, Oxymoron etc.

I hate to say the obvious but:
Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks 1977

This is about as pefect a template for punk album as has ever been made. Political, rebellious, tons of street attitude etc. Ramones preceded SP by a couple years but never were as rebellious or menacing, almost comic book characters still they basically invented punk style we know today so they deserve major props.

Also essential classic punk:
Clash - Clash s/t 1977
Damned - Damned Damned 1977 (new rose!)
X-Ray Spex - Anthology
Specials - The Specials 1979
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

There are many excellent "Oi" bands from this period that kick ass even by todays standards. Best to just get singles/best of collections of:
Sham 69
UK Subs
The Business
Cockney Rejects
4 Skins
Angelic Upstarts
**** Sparrer

Never liked West Coast USA punk nearly as much during this period, but
Germs (forming!)
Black Flag
Social Distortion

Put out some worthwile material.
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I'm not much of a punk fan, but from what I've listened to, I'd put either Bad Religion's remastered version of How Could Hell Be Any Worst or Suicidal Tendencies' self-titled album at the top of my list. If the rules were a bit looser, I'd put Motorhead's No Sleep 'Till Hammersmith at the top, but they only had a semi-punk sound.
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Ramones preceded SP by a couple years but never were as rebellious or menacing, almost comic book characters still they basically invented punk style we know today.
I dont think the Ramones had to be as rebellious or menacing. They were as real as they came.
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don't know about the best, but my favorites are:

afi - art of drowning
buckcherry - buckcherry
green day - kerplunk, dookie
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The Misfits: Collection II-Kinda surprised no one mentioned them

It's basically a greatest hits and imho a wonderful collection of tunes.
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The Clash - London Calling.
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The Fall - s/t

Fugazi - The Argument (who doesn't love this album???????)

The Clash - London Calling
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"London Calling" - The Clash...hands down! Read the review of the new remastered collector's edition in the newest Rolling Stone...very influential album. The Clampdown, Guns Of Brixton, unbelievable album
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Have to agree with DarkAngel... Bollocks was what fueled my conversion. After years of wallowing in Yes, ELP, etc. etc., hearing the opening of Anarchy opened my eyes and ears.

If I could vote for the best punk album never made, it would be by Rocket From the Tombs, an Ohio band from the mid 70's that eventually splintered into the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu but didn't last long enough to release anything. Check out "The Day the Earth Met The Rocket From the Tombs" for a little proto-punk goodness. It's all rehearsal and live show recordings that still kick ass today.

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Hey.........all those saying best punk ever was Clash "london calling" have you really ever listened to debut Clash s/t ? Other than a couple good tracks Clash was going downhill and pop sounding by the time LC was out. Clash s/t is the real deal for punk.

Misfits........yes great stuff. horror punk, Danzig vocals, classic & essential

Absorbine Sr
Dead Boys "young loud snotty" yesssssssss......Stiv Bators, Sonic Reducer, classic

Don't get upset with my comments, nothing personal just trying to start some intelligent music convesation instead of just name dropping
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the ramones - self-titled
the clash - self-titled (uk edition, of course)

the above two albums are the important ones. sex pistols' album is overrated, in my opinion. so the guy died, and while i guess that makes them more punk, it makes them even more hyped. i like the new york side of punk more myself (ramones), but then again i have been to cbgb's and felt the magic that was once there.

for early, early 80's i'd have to go with the misfits. the static age ep is still my favorite to listen to, and it simply never gets old. "ooh baby, when you cry, your face is momentary.."

for 90's pop-punk (what i like to call, the "fun kind"), i still say blink182's album dude ranch is among the best collections of songs that i've heard. hysterical, simple, and catchy. green day's earlier work also has a place in this category.

and of course, who could forget the queen of this next century's punk:

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agree with
misfits - Earth A.D.
clash - London Calling

and also add
stiff little fingers - Inflammable Material
dead kennedys - fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
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the blatantly obvious, The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks. however, i think Public Image Ltd's Metal Box was way more punk than Bollocks, because it was totally off kilter, free form, with "to hell with the mainstream" attitude.

two other punk albums i like are Siouxsie and the Banshees' The Scream, and The Jam's All Mod Cons.
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