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Originally Posted by Coalescent
You know, I got into this hobby with the unconscious assumption that I'd be able to find a set of headphones and an amp/source setup that simply satisfied me, and that would be all she wrote.

That's not what seems to be happening. I'm beginning to think I'm going to wind up like certain other head-fiers here with a whole stash of different cans. I still secretly hope in my heart of hearts that I will someday find that magical source/amp/headphone combo that's going to just satisfy me, and I'll be able to feel like I've reached some kind of a destination in my headphone journey.

Of course, people are always saying that it's the journey and not the destination that matters. If that's the case, I'll probably leave a long, long trail of headphones, amps, and various sources in my wake.

Oh, well. At least I'll have fun on the trip...

Me, too, boss. I don't even listen to MUSIC!! I started on this site about a year ago looking for some wired cans to go with my Pioneer SE XB1 surround sound unit (Dolby Headphone), and I'm still searching. I started cheap but chronic dissatisfaction compelled me further. Thus: Pioneer SE M380 (boooo!) Audio Technica A55, Grado SR60, Audio Technica DCL3000, Beyer DT860. Now I'm looking at DT770 and variants. So frustrating to constantly have new cans arrive with none proving satisfying for gaming and movies. They usually sound closed in or lack the detail of the SEXB1 supplied cans; the problem with those is that you have to run them at full volume and sometimes you get clipping at the low end. Hopefully I will soon find what I'm looking for so I can retire from this hobby and find some rest...
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Originally Posted by Wiseguy
Now Guitar Center says they have a "hard minimum" and can't go below $199, the computer won't let them do it even if they want to. The guy wanted to give me the deal but couldn't.
Has anyone tried recently? I would buy them if I can get the $150 deal but the closest guitar center is about an hour away.
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Nope, I bought mine there about 3 months ago and they were 200.

Cruise the FS forums and you should be able to dig a pair up with patience - maybe even mine.

I have also seen new DT770's on ebay for as low as 140.
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guitar center

I've also gotten them for $150.
I returned them though, because I found little practical use for my needs. I need something that I can carry around and be somewhat portable. (laptop.. ipod) .. They sound good when powered properly, but through an ipod.. I found that the sony v6 or even the v700 sounded similar. I did get a chance to hear it from a good source and the bass is very nice and it has a more open sound. It's bulky to carry around .. not to mention that I wasn't fond of how big they were or looked. For home use .. they're a good choice, but not for portability
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Please, please stop before I buy a pair of 770-80's for myself! :P
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