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HI: How are you? Thank you for that info. I know the driver size has little to do with the bass. I just wounder what size the drivers were. Oh how does the 770-80 put out such bass? Its just amazing.
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I find it amazing as well. I heard the HD650s for the first time this week through my rig at the Qualia meet, with the Silver Dragon cable on it. There was bass, but nowhere near the PS-1 or the DT770. I call that level "Scare the baby Bass."
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HI: You mean scare the man bass. LOL. I have been listening to YANNI live after PINK FLOYD Echos and YANNI has a full orchestration with great drum work and It blends in so well with his piano work and to head both is a great experience not to mention the whole orchestration work with this great bass fulling out the whole sound in general. The more I listen to these the more I like them and now think that they are keepers for sure.
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LTUCCI1924: Thanks for your impressions! Would you say the DT770-80 is bright at all? I've read that the 250-ohm version can be very bright at times, something I don't think I'd like at all (I sometimes find my DT440's without the 120-ohm adapter too bright for my tastes).
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The DT770s definitely have the highs as well as the lows, with good detail. Harsh? Bright? On the first 10 seconds it can seem so, but you grow into it. My headphile recable job really tamed the highs but kept (and increased) the extension btw - but by no means is it a bad high in stock form.
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HI: How are you? I read that the 80 version was better balanced over the 250. At first out of the box there was a little concern with the full high end but now after only 4 hours the high end is mellowing out somewhat and the bass seems to be getting even tighter and fuller. This is a scary thing because I have also read that the 770-80 need a good burn in to sound at its best. I can't imagine what that means because if they stayed just as they are now I would be very pleased. And to think they get much better after a good burn in just awes me.
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Wow, that's exactly what I wanted to hear (and never expected to)! The DT770/80 may end up being my next can. I'll have to go to the nearest Guitar Center and buy one in the near future...
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How would these new 770s be for someone who likes the A900s but wants some more bass? Even listening to Jazz I often turn on my PPA bass boost, but i'd like deeper bass as well as stronger, but not to the point that I sacrifice detail. Not that the A900s are bad... I just want... more
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Rats I never heard the A900, so I can't say. But compared to the CD3K, it's no contest. The DT700 wipes the floor with it using a Bass Mop.
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HI: I know what you are saying. I had the AT A1000 and at first thought it had great bass but after a while I wanted more bass. Then I bought a PPA amp with bass boost and had my 595 that I thought needed way more bass but when I used the bass boost on the PPA it sucked. I am finding that either the headphones have the bass you want or they don't have the bass you want and no bass boost will give the true bass tight full bass sound that is already in the headphone. Look I am 62 years old and now am finding the headphone with the bass I never even knew I wanted but was always looking for with out even knowing it. LOL
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I am listening to FLEET WOOD MAC the DANCE CD on my minidisc deck. Now this music has great bass to start with and with these 770-80 its putting me into another dimension. WOW
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Hmm, interesting. I've always wanted to hear these cans just to see what all the fuss is about regarding the bass. The only thing that concerns me is the supposed lack of mids. I definitely wouldn't want to take Jahn's route of a Headphile upgrade...it looks like he spent more on the upgrade than the headphones themselves! I think you can mod just about any headphone to make it sound better and remedy its faults, but I want my cans to sound great and be missing little or nothing out of the box.

LTUCCI1924, I'd be tempted to buy these from you when you put them up for sale next month.

Has anyone heard both the DT770's and the Senn HD-25's in order to make a
comparison between the two? I'm sure the DT770 has more bass, but I've also heard the HD-25 has very good bass and I wonder how the overall sound compares to the bassmonster known as the DT770.
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Well, I have both the DT770 250Ohm Pro and DT770 80Ohm Pro ATM.

The 250 Ohms are much brighter, and have a peak in the 7-8khz range, according to response graphs. The midrange is more recessed, and hence the bass is much more powerful, but these cans are dark. Oddly enough, the darkness is useful for some genres, and it gives a more set back feeling to the music.

The 80 Ohm version however, is more forward. The treble is smoothed out, and more recessed, but the midrange comes through, and is much better for general listening. Bass is tighter, not as punchy, and more balanced with the music. The 80 ohm version is much more easily driven from a portable source, but power is key to getting the best sound.
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the dt770/80 are very good at the bass that they do..but damn, transitioning from the A900 was like putting a hunk of metal on my head (well yeah, the dt770 is a hunk of metal, but still. I think the part that affected me the most was that I wasnt wearing pillows(a900) on my head and it just gave me a headache)
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As a fellow DT770/80 owner I can say that it took me a good three weeks to warm up to them. I thought I made a mistake and bought a pair of cans I'd never use, mostly because of the recessed mids. Well I'm glad I gave them a chance, because now that I'm used to their sound they are my favorite pair of phones for any sort of electronica or groovy type music (think jamiroquai). And since thats mostly what I listen to, that would make these my favorite headphones. The bass really doesn't seem overbearing once you are used to them as well, it seems.... normal

This headphone is also night and day when listened to on a good amp versus a bad amp. It sounds absolutely horrible without an amp so don't even think of trying it. I recently upgraded my PPA with some GM buffers, pure copper vampire RCAs and a stepped attenuator and the DT770s midrange really started to emerge with the upgrades, making it much more balanced.

So if you like electronica/groovy music and you have a good amp, these phones were made for you!
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