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What are you listening to _right now_#2?  

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What are you listening to right now, and on what setup?

I'm curious if the residents use thier best toys on a daily basis
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Started a #2
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ambulance ltd - stay where you are (self-titled ep)

fourth generation 40gb ipod -> crappy computer speakers at work
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Unfortunately I forgot my portable rig at home and I am listening to the sounds of construction. Pounding, drilling and an occasional crashing of materials.
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listening to Pierre Bensousan's Intuition

On my uber amazing setup of computar + Senn MX400 (at work, mp3)
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múm - smell memory

a2 zs + hd280's
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"Motörhead - Inferno" coming out of my laptop through my philips hp-890s. The music ROCKS but the setup dont.
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Kansas - Opus Insert on a pair of e2c's connected to a H120
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Three Doors Down, from IBM T40->Foobar->Shure E3c, sounds pretty good.
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m-flo ft. BoA - The Love Bug

Hypersonic laptop -> Echo Indigo -> Shure E5C
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O.A.R.'s Hey Girl

Denon DCP-150 -> Ratshack mini -> Tivoli Model Two
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Massive Attack - Exchange

lunch break -> rio karma.
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A Motorhead album titled Rock N Roll is currently getting in my ears via my Grado RS-1 that is connected to a Headroom MOH ref. which is connected to an Arcam FMJ CD23T which is spinning the disc.
yes this is my good system.
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Skillet - My Obsession

MZ-E700 -> D66, then it'll be MZ-E900 -> D66
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Pat Metheny (w/ Jaco Pastorius)

Bright Size Life (vinyl)

Rega P3 TT/RB-300 tonearm, Benz Micro Glider cartridge, EAR 834P phono stage, NAD Preamp w/twin power amps, and PSB Stratus Minis...

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