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Notice that you guys aren't really disagreeing. Putting the 6DJ8 in a 6922 slot might be bad because it would be being asked to perform "hotter" than it may be capable of, therefore reducing it's life expectancy.

However, most of the statements referencing compatability go the other way around -- putting a 6922 in a 6DJ8 slot is okay, because it will be being asked to work well within tolerance.

Unless I missed something, I haven't been into tubes all that long.
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LOL....just noticed that, Dusty!.......
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The manual for the SHA-1 explicitly states that it was designed for the 6DJ8 or the 6922. Unless demands on the tube were altered in the upgraded versions of the Melos, you should be fine with either tube.
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No way... the JJ E88CC is one of the best examples of modern production. It is not better than a vintage Amperex PQ 6922, but not much worse, either. It's a great tube. I hope they keep improving it!
just to throw my two cents in, i agree that jj's are the best available of modern production, but in my system they don't even come close to comparing with pqs. like, not even worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence.

obviously everything is sytem dependent, but in that price range i'd jump on nos russians for their liquidity (to my ears it's a less resolving and refined mullard) or even a jan phillips 7308 for it's heftier bass and more extended top end.

then again, i've never even seen a melos so feel free to interpret this as me talking out of my ass.

if you're feeling that you've got the sound of the melos down i can lend you some vintage tubes this weekend for a week. i'll be in your area this weekend, pm me or stop by #headfi if you're up for it, or we can just do it another time. it seems that there's some interest for a write up on premium tubes here.

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Now I can FINALLY join this thread!

This may be heresy, but thus far I think I prefer the stock Czech Westinghouse E88CC's to the JJ E88CC's. More energy in the top end. Not as much bass, but I'm using the Clou cable which makes up for it.

Electronica sounds better on the Melos than the MG Head, whereas heady midrangey music (i.e. vocals and "analog" instruments) were sweeter on the Head. Again, a tube vs. solid state thing.

I may upgrade my opinion of the Melos's midrange after I roll those Amperexes...
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Originally posted by Nick Dangerous
Now I can FINALLY join this thread!
Hi Nick....Congrats on the Melos! I'm really enjoying mine (although I'm using it as a preamp in my speaker system much more then for phones).

Question for you tube dudes....This pair offered by Melos Audio Restoration:

Yugoslavian El EL519/6KG6A http://www.melosaudiorestoration.com...cement-01.html

What about them? Are they worth the bucks? I'm thinking of placing my order!

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That's FFING EXPENSIVE for some Ei's. Look at that... $65 a pair for Sovtek 6922's? Holy tomato!

(wide eyed sweating bullets)

If you have that kind of dough to drop on das toobage, go with NOS valves. Amperex, Siemens, some of the others mentioned in this thread.

P.S. Orange globe Amperex 6DJ8 is in another class than the JJ or Westinghouse. It's more refined and more delicate, although it has a slightly recessed midrange. It's also a bit brighter than I care for.
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Ok, thanks Nick. I've got an inquiry in for the orange globe Amperex 6DJ8 at another source.

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EEEEEE---HAAAAAAHHHHH........ I've got the NOS orange globe Amperex 6DJ8's and Telefunken's on their way!!!!....
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Rock on rick! give us updates!
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Ok, I guess I've never really heard my SHA-Gold. I installed the new Telefunkens this a.m., and the strident top-end is gone. The mids are soooo sweeeet and the bottom is strong but tight. I've never heard my Stratus Mini's sing this way!

Needless to say, I'm in audio heaven......
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Hmmm Telefunken...
I tried one in my MG Head and loved the sound. Another pair of tubes to track down.
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Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.....

I just won these on E-Bay.....

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Originally posted by Nick Dangerous
***takes a bow***.....Danke Schoen, danke schoen.....
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