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Ok Hirsch,

You've got me interested. I just got my dirty little hands on a matched set of Amperex white lable PQ's NOS made here in the USofA. Joe's tube lore likes 'em, hope I will too. They should get here next week. I'll keep y'all posted...
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Ok, I just bought a pair of what are claimed to be NOS amperex tubes made in holland.

I'll let you know what I think of them, once I get them in and have listened to them (could be a while)

man I tell you though, I am not sure it can get any better than it already is though... but if they are... oh my gosh.

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Wow, we've got a lot of people here who don't mess around! Just go straight for the best.

I plan on keeping my Melos a good long time. I myself have just procured a set of these to use as my back-up to the Siemens:

"Amperex 6922, PQ, white label, Holland (shield, gold pins) Slightly more forward midrange than the US version, above, pushing vocals a bit more forward in the mix. Otherwise, very similar. Another winner..."

Sadly, you've got to get these old tubes while you can. I decided to get my spare pair that would be the equal of the Siemens, hence the new Amperexes.

I'm all set!

As for the Siemens gold pins from early 60s-- they have about 20 hours of further burn-in. To the degree that it's possible for a tube to make a difference, these do. Some say swapping tubes in Melos does not make a big difference the way swapping tubes can really impact sound in other equipment. My experience is different-- I find the Melos very susceptible to enhancement via better tubes.

These tubes are just great in the Melos. They are more dynamic and bit edgier and brighter than the calm and cool Russian military 6922s. This is exactly why I chose them-- give the somewhat dry Melos a little "pizzazz". The Siemens are as they have been described. They have soundstage to burn, very big and 3D. Sound is full and detailed at the same time. They aren't especially lush or tube-y but more accurate and neutral. Very clear sound with excellent imaging and instrument separation.

Anyway, big thumbs on on this particular set of Siemens!

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I can give a big thumbs up to the Amperex 6922 PQ white label US. I'm really interested in hearing Fortune's comments on this tube.

I've got to admit that I was pretty lukewarm about the SHA-1 with stock tubes...I kept going back to the ZOTL when I just wanted to listen to music. The NOS tubes have put them on a pretty even footing. I'm stocking up too. NOS tubes are expensive right now, but at least you can get them. That won't always be so, and the price is going to go up further before the supply stops completely.

I've taken to buying used tubes as well. Those are still available at pretty good prices, and I've found that even taking into account a certain number of bad tubes that people are ditching, I can put together some very nice sets of tubes that test well very cheaply. (I bought a small emissions tester, Sencore TC-162, which has been worth its weight in gold.) After all the premium tubes I tried in the ZOTL, the pair that pulled the sound together was a used set that I actually got as singles from different lots. Cost per tube, including shipping and losses due to bad tubes in those lots, was still under $5 per tube. I'd be embarrassed to say just how many tubes I have now. Let's just say that one night last week I snared eight 12AT7's, and twenty-nine 6SN7's in an evening...all for much less than a pair of premium NOS tubes. I should get 2 nice pairs of tubes out of the 12AT7's and six to eight good pairs out of the 6SN7's, based on prior experience...not a bad haul!
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OK, I'm, without a doubt, very new at this tube rolling stuff. The JJ's that I ordered for my SHA-Gold came in today. Do I need to do anything other then just plug 'em in? Please pardon my ignorance!......

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Give me a little more time with the PQ's before I give my humble opinion. First thoughts are positive but I need to spend more time with them before I "publicize" my opinion.

Rick, just plug them in. To be on the safest side, unplug the unit first. Also, use a paper towel, etc. to keep your finger oils off of the tubes. I don't know for sure if it will affect the tube but it's a little superstition of mine.

Good luck and have fun.
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Hey, thanks.....Fortune! Will do....
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I got my NOS amperex tubes in the mail today. Dang, they are a lot smaller than I thought... I couldn't really judge their size as they are kinda hidden in the melos and I haven't taken it apart...
I want to put them in, but I don't know if I can make myself do it yet! I am enjoying the ones in there now so much!

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Tubes are capacitors. I learned that the hard way. Make sure you give the old tubes time to discharge!
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Originally posted by Fortune
Also, use a paper towel, etc. to keep your finger oils off of the tubes. I don't know for sure if it will affect the tube but it's a little superstition of mine.
Really?!? Why? They're glass...
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Originally posted by Dusty Chalk
Really?!? Why? They're glass...
Could it be to maintain an even heat transfer? I've wondered this myself.

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****listens to new JJ's****

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geez, and you're normally jaded.

I had the same reaction. I take it you no longer doubt the melos...
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Hey, the Melos is cookin', man! Sounds fantastic.
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RickG, sometime you should post a comparison of the Melos, Earmax Pro, and NAD C160...
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