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I'll bring this thread back from the cemetery,

I just bought some nice Valvo CCa D-Getter pinched waist from the 50's :


I just can't wait to get them !!!
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how else can you know the amperex 6922 is genuine or not? my worries about the hollad PQ pair that i just purchased comes from the fact that the labels do not wipe off easily and they were bought from a chinese vendor even though he has 100% feedback. 2 Amperex *PQ* 6922/E88CC (HOLLAND) Gold Pin =ECC88 - eBay (item 260459424820 end time Sep-02-09 09:28:08 PDT)
they still have the ridges Joe's tube lore talks about and have mellowed out the sound considerably from the nos Philips that its replaced. i can't comment much on sq still because everything is screeched to ruins by the harsh chinese 12ax7s that are in the preamp stage of my system. but even with that the sound is now smooth enough to be bearable. i guess i could bet that the amperexs that im suspecting are dark sounding at the moment. please let me know how else i can judge if these are fake or not. thanks in advance.

also the nipples on my pair are not neatly shaped. they look like they were shattered and reglued - a giant crack on both of them ruining the even shape.
and they have the raised rectangles on the getters also.
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