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Melos tube rolling thread

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Anybody had any luck tube rolling the SHA-1 or its variants? I've had mixed results. Sound was good with stock Sovteks, but high end was missing a certain amount of detail or "air". I got ambitious and tried Amperex "A" frames...that produced the wanted detail, but killed the dynamics enough to be a downgrade. Next attempt was much more successful: JAN Sylvania 6922's. Not only cheap, but sounds good. Retains dynamics, and adds just enough detail to the high end to be a significant improvement over stock. Cheap too...I got 'em on ebay for about $6.49 ea.

On deck: Matsu****a 6922, JJ Tesla 6922, and several others on order but not here yet. I'll post to this thread as I try other tubes (I want to live with the Sylvanias for awhile first...they're pretty good so far, and the experiment might end early.)

Has anyone else rolled tubes in the Melos? If so, what happened?
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Hey, great info, Hirsch! Please keep us posted with your thoughts on various tubes fo the Melos.

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I am using the TESLA JJ's in my Melos right now, they are the best of the tubes I have tried which include the stock tubes, JAN-PHILLIPS, and the newer sovteks. I would put the newer sovteks and the JAN-Phillips in a tie with each other behind the TESLA JJ's. The JAN-Phillips are rolled off on the top an dbottom ends but add more warmth to the mdirange of the Melos giving it more of the classic tube sonice signature. The Sovteks make the bass really solid but the overall sound is decidedly solid state. The Tesla jj's are somewhere in between those two interms of tubiness but have a much better frequency balance and are more extended and smooth on the top end.
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There is real synergy with the JJs. They sound the tiniest bit warm (only detectable when comparing with ss), but have that tubey air and shine... I would say they are the most accurate tubes that I have heard. Lots and lots of details...
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I realize now that the original Sovteks I had must have been pretty hosed. The vol. level had to be cranked to 70% and the top was rolled off compared to the JAN Phillips.

The JJ increased dynamics all around but still have a smooth tube characteristic compared to the CHA-47.

Next up: NOS from Downscale.
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Ok,... sounds like the TESLA JJ's might be the way to go as an upgrade to the Sovteks. Where do you suggest I buy them?

Thanks in advance!

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I buy most of my new stock, small signal tubes from Triode Electronics.

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I second that- TriodeElectronics is fast, cheap, and reliable.
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Thank to a fellow Head-Fi'er, I now have Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8's as the input tube in the Melos, and they're making a difference. The ZOTL had been running away from the Melos in my listening comparisons, but this tube gives the SHA-1 a much greater sense of "aliveness", for lack of a better word. (I've also got Bugle Boys as the input tubes of the ZOTL). It's a two amp race again...
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Tell us how they compare with the JJ/Tesla 6922s when you have a chance; I'm curious.
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Just ordered from that place (JJ/Tesla 6922). Thanks guys!
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Originally posted by DanG
Just ordered from that place (JJ/Tesla 6922). Thanks guys!
Me too...

Thanks, all!

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Bugle Boys

I too have the bugle boys and the JJ's.

The JJ's are good tubes, no real deficiencies.

The bugle boys are in another league altogether. They are more lively, have absolutely no grainy quality, better bass extension, and have more impact. The midrange is fuller with these tubes as well.

The amperex tubes (the guys who made the bugle boys) I'm trying to get my hands on are the 6DJ8 orange globes made in holland. They are supposed to best the bugle boys in all areas though I haven't heard them so I can't verify. Their synergy with the Melos has been mentioned more than once.

Of course personal preference is everything here and when dealing with NOS the cost can get quite crazy.
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I've got a set of Amperex 6922 white label PQ (US) coming in sometime this week. That's supposed to be a very dynamic Amperex...we'll see. (Hmmm...that will make the third set of Amperex tubes I've tried...and I've got a couple pairs that I haven't used yet...it may be a rut, but it's a good one!)
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I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on the white label PQ's. Let us know how they compare to the bugle boys.
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